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Trans Accessible Libraries Initiative

This guide provides practical information and library resources for transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming students, and those interested in trans studies.

e-Books, Databases, and Web Resources by Topic

This section of the library resource guide contains e-books, databases, and web resources curated by the Women's and Gender Studies/LGBTQ Studies Librarian.* If you would like to recommend the purchase of a book or other resource, please contact Coby Condrey (he/him/his).

Trans accessible libraries initiative

You will find resources on the following topics in this section:

Special thanks to the trans and non-binary students of the University of North Texas for providing input on selections for this collection. Your feedback was anonymous, so we can't thank you personally, but it was very important to us that transgender individuals selected the e-books highlighted in this guide. Your participation means more than we can express here. (For more information about this process as it relates to the FY21 Dean's Innovation Grant, please visit the For Librarians page).

NOTE: While we have tried to use inclusive language in this guide, if you notice anything that could be improved, please don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions. 

*The e-books and databases require a UNT EUID to access; however, there are several web resources on each page that do not require a login. 

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