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The Spark

Igniting the imagination through cooperative learning

How to Use

How to use your makerspace:

There are a number of avenues to engage with and use your makerspace resources. We are glad you are interested in our resources, do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions. The Spark Willis location is open and operates in compliance with UNT health and safety guidelines

Need Inspiration? Stop by for a tour at anytime during our hours of operation. Our Maker team will tailor the tour to your interest and needs. Tours can run from 5 up to 30 minutes.

Have a project or idea?

It is important to understand the makerspace is not a production facility but an educational lab. Our mission is to teach you the skills/equipment to bring your project and/or ideas to life. The team does not do the work, they train individuals to use the resources they need or want to learn. Once you have a project or idea you are wanting to work on, the first step is making sure you are trained and authorized to use the equipment desired. If you are unsure what you would like to use and would like to talk to a Maker about what we have or any project ideas you have, send us an email to Otherwise, select the training appropriate for your needs. If you are already trained (by the SPARK) you can skip to Machine Operator Appointment. However, if you schedule an appointment without training, you will have to reschedule and complete the appropriate training. 

  • Training Sessions- IN PERSON 
    • Training is a 60-minute session with a knowledge specialist that will train you on safety standards, proper use of equipment/software, and Spark use guidelines. Some equipment*/software may take more than one session. *You will sign a contract after your training session for future use on The Spark’s equipment.
  • Machine Operator Appointment (Required for CNC, Embroidery, Laser) IN PERSON
    • Do you have everything ready to complete your project? You should have a file created in the proper format, approved materials, and now you will need to schedule an appointment session with a Machine Operator to complete the cut/scan. Machine Operator's set up the machine and insure the machines are operating properly. Project planning and design are done through consultations and trainings respectively.

PLEASE NOTE: The Spark offers assistance with learning how to use our resources but we are not authorized as a production facility (we do not work on your materials/project directly or take orders to make things for you). Nor are we able to develop code or projects for individuals. We are here to help you learn how to use our resources to achieve your project goals. 

Connect with us!

Email: Spark Chat on our homepage

Discovery Park: 940-565-3175
Frisco: 972-668-7457
Willis: 940-369-5259

DP In Person Appointments   Frisco In Person Appointments
Willis In Person Training Appointments Willis Machine Operator Appointments* Events



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