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The Spark

Igniting the imagination through cooperative learning

Events, Instruction, & Outreach

The Spark Artmark with a black background and images of various technologies including a microcontroller, soldering iton, spool of thread and needle, and a camera

Overview Events, Instruction, and Outreach

We are excited to have you come into our spaces to learn or continue to develop new skills, building your resume, and/or enriching your college experiences. The Spark has resources that are circulating (can leave space) and some that are only available for in space use. The Spark Makerspace offers access to a variety of tools and machines that can have inherent risks. In order to allow individual's access to use the resources, training is required.

It is important to understand the makerspace is not a production facility but an educational lab. Our mission is to teach you the skills/equipment to bring your project and/or ideas to life. The team does not do the work, they train individuals to use the resources they need or want to learn. Therefore training on equipment is often the first step in using the makerspace resources available at the Spark. Departments, Classes, Organizations, or Small groups please refer to our group request information.

The first step is making sure you are trained and authorized to use the equipment desired. Most circulating items simply require a basic liability contract. However, the Camera equipment does require a basic safe handling training. Training schedules will be posted on the Spark Calendar by Spark location, however individual appointments will also be available starting Spring 2024 through a link that will be on the Spark Calendar page as well.

  • Bring identification; University of North Texas Student/Staff/Faculty ID Card
  • Wear or bring an extra pair of closed-toe shoes and proper attire for safe use of equipment when you visit the Spark. Examples- a way to put long hair up and/or long sleeves that are tight fit to cover arms if soldering, or light fit sleeves if using a cutting machine
  • Be prepared to complete safety and or equipment training prior to being able to use specific items.
  • You are responsible for creating a safe space by
    • following safety guidelines
    • using the resources properly and how they were designed to be used
  • You are financially responsible for the equipment checked out to you including
    • Returning the equipment in the same or better condition than when it was checked out
    • Lost/stolen/damages that occur while the items are checked out to you
  • If you are already trained (by the SPARK) you can skip to Machine Operator Appointment. However, if you schedule an MOA without training, you will have to reschedule and complete the appropriate training. 

  • Machine Operator Appointment (Required for CNC, Embroidery, Laser) a skilled Spark employee is required for MOA, their role is to assist in the event the equipment has issues. Trained individuals will be expected to be able to operate the machine independently.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Spark offers assistance with learning how to use our resources but we are not authorized as a production facility (we do not work on your materials/project directly or take orders to make things for you). Nor are we able to develop code or projects for individuals. We are here to help you learn how to use our resources to achieve your project goals. 

  • If you are unsure what you would like to use and would like to talk to a Maker about what we have or any project ideas you have, send us an email to Otherwise, select the training appropriate for your needs.


Upcoming Events


The Spark will be offering a number of Crafting Hours at each of our locations. WE will have an increased number of Crafting Hours throughout the month of April in honor of Stress Awareness. Come out and get creative with the Spark:

Location Date Event
Willis Library 150 Spark Instruction Lab 4/22/2024 @ 11:00AM-1:00PM

Hoop It Up!
Presenting you the art of needle and thread. This session includes various techniques of hand embroidery-DIY flowers. You will be able to stitch your own little flowers.

Willis Library 150 Spark Instruction Lab 4/22/2024 @ 6:00PM-8:00PM

Friendship Bracelets

Join us in making some friendship bracelets at the Spark Makerspace. We’ll use embroidery thread and knots to create fun bracelets to share with your friends. Pick between a few designs and lots of different color combinations. Sign up to learn and grow your creative skills!

Willis Library 150 Spark Instruction Lab 4/23/2024 @ 6:00PM-8:00PM

Yarn Art - Pom Pom Animals

Come in and make your own little buddy! You take your very own: chick, frog, or lucky, home with you at this Spark Markerspace Event. Here you will create your own pom poms from scratch and assemble your own animal.

Willis Library 150 Spark Instruction Lab 4/24/2024 @ 1:00PM-3:00PM

Life Binder

We invite you to celebrate Stress Awareness Month with us, and come into a crafting hour at the Spark! Getting creative and crafting promotes mindfulness, and may help reduce stress. In this session, we will get creative with designing a Life Binder. Have you done a vision board? A Life Binder is a collection of vision boards to help set goals, determine your personal bucket list, and organize long-term dreams. In this session, a Maker will show you tools you can use to build your own unique to you, Life Binder.

Willis Library 150 Spark Instruction Lab 4/24/2024 @ 6:00PM-8:00PM

Crochet Finger Puppets

The maker will go over basic crocheting techniques. For the rest of the time, students can follow along as they show - how to crochet a simple finger puppet. Upon completion, you will have learned everything you need to tackle larger crocheting projects on your own.

Willis Library 150 Spark Instruction Lab 4/26/2024 @ 2:00PM-4:00PM

Paracord Braiding

The maker will walk attendees through basic braid patterns, so they may complete a braid project. This session is come and go, and the maker will be available to teach various braids throughout the time, while cord supplies last.

Willis Library 150 Spark Instruction Lab 4/29/2024 @ 11:00AM-1:00PM

Hand Sewing

This session walks you through the process of making a drawstring bag. The material will be provided by us. You can take home a hand-sewn drawstring bag of your own size. 

Willis Library 150 Spark Instruction Lab 4/29/2024 @ 6:00PM-8:00PM

Friendship Bracelets

Join us in making some friendship bracelets at the Spark Makerspace. We’ll use embroidery thread and knots to create fun bracelets to share with your friends. Pick between a few designs and lots of different color combinations. Sign up to learn and grow your creative skills!

Willis Library 150 Spark Instruction Lab 4/30/2024 @ 4:00PM-6:00PM

Woven Coasters

Ever wanted to learn how to weave? Now is your chance! At this Spark Makerspace Event, you will learn the basics of weaving by creating your own custom drink coaster!


Not sure where to start?

Use the chart below to find exactly where to begin and kickstart your journey at our makerspace.


The Spark Artmark with a black background and images of various technologies including a microcontroller, soldering iton, spool of thread and needle, and a camera


Instruction- Appointments, Trainings, Workshops and More

Instruction and knowledge sharing is the core of our makerspace mission. It is critical to understand that inherent in the use of many resources from the makerspace is a degree of risk, therefore safety is a top priority.  Instruction comes in many forms and typically we define the sessions as:

  • Events: activity or project with a theme 
  • Trainings: trainings are safety and use instruction sessions.
  • Workshops are focused more on software and possible design,

Almost all of the in space and interchangeable lens cameras require training before they can be used. Trainings do require official documentation and  generally takes 48-72 hours, after training to be updated in the system. Once training is documented in the system, individuals can then look to schedule equipment for personal use. So plan ahead and make sure to complete training earlier in the semester.

In an effort to assist you in preparing for the best use of the equipment, here is a quick guide on how you can get started with tips along the way to help your experience be the best:

Looking to get trained?

 So you found the makerspace and now you want to get started learning how to use the equipment! Excellent, the first step is scheduling your training.

Step 1) Schedule Training

  • Trainings are offered on a regular schedule throughout the semester. If you look at the Calendar you can see upcoming trainings, workshops, and events. Find all that you are interested in register for the free training
  • OR if you are unable to attend the prescheduled sessions, we offer available when possible for individuals to request a one on one training. If you choose one on one trainings it is a 2 step booking process in some cases including laser and One Button Studio, where you will need to book the equipment and choose that you are booking it for a training and schedule a trainer for the same time. We recommend having 2 browser windows so you can see the schedules side by side. To do so click the link for the preferred location to review options

Reminders for when you are ready to attend trainings or workshops:

  1. Review the upcoming training and workshops available by the location you wish to have your training at on the STW tabs 
  2. Register for the training or workshop 
  3. Training and workshop sessions require a minimum of 48 hours lead time for one on one or registration for scheduled events
  4. Group session for organizations, departments, classes are welcome and require a longer lead time of at least 2 weeks

Step 2) Attend Training

  • Remember trainings are required prior to being able to complete a personal project
  • Materials for trainings are provided by the Spark
  • Please be prepared for 30-45 minutes to complete the training
  • At the training you will be required to complete a training agreement and liability paperwork
  • Training will include:
    • safety procedures
    • proper machine use procedures
    • best practices
    • how to schedule personal use in the future

NOTE: it takes 48-72 hours to process training forms in to the system. You will receive a training receipt via email which you can upload through the booking form, to help minimize any delays in being able to book the equipment during this processing window.


Been trained and now wanting to book the equipment?

You have completed training, yeah! Now you have a project you want to complete. For self service 3D printing, Cricut, and the standard circulating items, they are on a first come first service basis. For our cameras and projectors they are a booking request form. For our other in space equipment such as One button studio, CNC, vacuum forming machine, and embroidery machine a Monitored Operator Appointment (MOA) is required. For the laser cutters (all locations) and all Frisco Landing in space equipment individuals must book the equipment and the MOA.

Equipment Booking: Discovery Park | Frisco Landing | Willis Library

MOA Booking: Discovery Park | Frisco Landing | Willis Library

  • Remember you must bring your materials
    • Best practice includes having some scrap piece/s of material to test on
    • Ensure you have brought all necessary materials for your project.
  • If planning to use the laser cutters, quarter-inch birch plywood is recommended, which may be purchased from Home Depot, Lowes, and most other home improvement retailers or hardware stores.
    • Please note, Spark employees will inspect any material before use of the laser cutters and retain the right to deny use of the laser cutters if our employees deem the material improper.
    • Commonly rejected materials include, but are not limited to:
      • Unidentified plastics- All plastics must be identified by type before use.

                                      §Polycarbonate sheet plastics, which are frequently confused with acrylics

  • Certain wood materials, such as:

                                            § particle board


                                           § HDF

                                           § OSB

                                           § wood that is dirty

                                           § most reclaimed wood

                                           § most pine plywood

                                           § most underlayment plywood


Group Request Information

Looking to schedule a group, class, department training or workshop?

Our goal is to work with classes and groups to schedule events, workshops, and trainings to support the needs of your group. We strive to be able to coordinate trainings in a timely manner. Due to the many variables that may be part of a group/class/department request we require a minimum of a two week request to be able to review and determine our ability to accommodate the group's needs.

To complete the form below we request you to include as much detail as possible but at a minimum we will need to know:

  • Location- you will be able to select one of the Spark locations or other  for which you will be asked to include details for the location you are requesting
  • Event description
  • When: Dates/Time options for the event
  • Topic and title of Event
  • Anticipated audience size
  • Type of event you are requesting:
    • Information Session- Spark team member come to you, physically or virtually to give an information session about the Spark and its services
    • Tour- bringing a group to one of our spaces for a tour of the space and services available
    • Resource Overview- a specialized tour of a specific subset of resources such as Audio equipment or 3D printers
    • Equipment Training- a full training for the group on a specific piece of equipment
    • Workshop- software training on a specific application
    • Other- any mix of the above or an outreach type of event
  • Contact information- so there are several fields for information about the class and representative to organize the session or event with

TO submit a request for a group, class, department or organization event please use the button below:

The Spark Artmark with a black background and images of various technologies including a microcontroller, soldering iton, spool of thread and needle, and a camera


At the Spark we believe in experiential learning process and strive to provide safe, engaging and inspiring opportunities to learn. Our outreach initiatives are designed to engage with community partners to bring the Spark experience to individuals in a wide range of topic areas. A significant portion of our efforts are spent in k-12 settings and include home school cooperatives, private schools and public school districts. 

We are open to explore opportunities for fostering new partnerships, if you are interested please send an email to with details of what you are interested in partnering with the Spark on.



The Spark Artmark with a black background and images of various technologies including a microcontroller, soldering iton, spool of thread and needle, and a camera

Events & Instruction Session Calendars

The Spark offers events and instructions sessions at all three locations. below is a snapshot of the session that are on the schedule at this time. If you are interested in a specific event or session click on the title to take you to a page with more details for the given event.

Discovery Park | Frisco Landing | Willis Library



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