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The Spark

Igniting the imagination through cooperative learning

Spark Spotlight

CNC carved battle ship style game in wood with coriander tiles

Battle Ship Board Game

Tools Used: CNC

Maker: Jaden

Cricut cut 3D paper camping scene

Cricut 3D Camping

Tools Used: Cricut

Maker: Liberty

VIrtual reality coded layout of a section of the makerspace

Unity Built VR Scene

Tools: Unity and HTC Vive

Maker: Spencer

haptic gloves made for motion response in VR game play

Haptic Response Gloves for VR

Tools: Motors, 3D printers, Solder Iron

Maker: Jerry

different projection mapping signs and effects

Projection Mapping

Tools Used: Projectors, TouchDesigner & OBS

Maker: Aiden

laser cut roses on wood and acrylic

Tools Used: Acrylic, Wood, & Lasercutter

Maker: Grant

Filament Recycler Pulltrusion PET bottles to make 3D filament

Bottle Filament Maker

Tools Used: Lasercutter, 3D Printer, Power/Hand Tools

Maker: Aiden

LOVE lasercut on wood to create a sign for valentine's day/ happy valentine's day inside heart of O

LOVE Lasercut Wooden Sign

Tools Used: Lasercutter & Wood

Maker: Grant

Makey Makey interactive scene with glove

Tools Used: Makey Makey, Response glove

Maker: Alicia

custome card with maroon rose pattern on top of cream cardstock

Cricut Custiom Card Design

Tools Used: Cricut

Maker: Alicia

Illustrator designed card for maker

Maker Trading Card Designs

Tools: Illustrator, Drawing Tablet

Maker: Sierra

3D scan of objest that is then 3D printer

3D Scan to 3D print Replica

Tools Used: Einscan Scanner, Ender 3 3D Printer

Maker: Grant


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Discovery Park * Frisco * Willis

The Spark is a technology division within UNT Libraries whose primary focus is providing access to a wide range of technologies to enhance their UNT experience. The Spark has three locations, 1) the founding location Willis Library first floor area 150, 2) expansion and partnership at Discovery Park in the M152 Spark and Pettinger Center, 3) the newest location at Frisco Landing 150 suite. The Spark is a technology service desk and makerspace.  As a unique combination of a hands-on learning lab and a library circulating collection, The Spark’s overarching mission is to promote cooperative and creative use of technology and support the continual development of UNT students, faculty, and staff.

  • The Service Desk is an all-around information hub that focuses on meeting educational and traditional technology needs, including but not limited to assistance with eLearning systems, paper printing, laptops, desktops and has mission to encourage the development of a foundation of technical competencies for the educational and professional growth of the UNT student body.

  • The Makerspace is a hands-on learning lab with a mission to ignite imagination, increase digital fluency, inspire explorative learning, support resume building, and encourage personal growth and development of a maker mindset.

The team works within these broad themes to provide outstanding service and technology for the UNT community.

Our team members come from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. You can easily identify them from their grey vests, and they will always be happy to assist you

Connect with us!

Email: Class, Department, Organization, Group Event Request Willis Library: 940-369-5259
Discovery Park: 940-565-3175
Frisco Landing: 972-668-7457
Spark Chat: Available during hours of operation Appointments, Consultations, Trainings Full Service 3D Printing
Suggestions Fine Dispute Form  

Hours of Operation 

The Hours of Operation for each Spark group is listed in the Library calendar. Please note the Makerspace has three locations, one in Willis 150 and one in Discovery Park M152, and one in Frisco Landing 150. Our Frisco Landing location is scheduled for opening in January 2023.



You can follow what is happening in the Makerspace on our Blog and through our Podcast UNT MindSpark

Connect with us!

Email: Class, Department, Organization Event Request Phone: 940-369-5259
Spark Chat: Available during hours of operation Appointments, Consultations, Trainings Full Service 3D Printing
Suggestions New Items/Services Fine Dispute Form  


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UNT Mind Spark is a podcast from the UNT makerspace about innovation and making. The maker movement generated the recent increase in innovation spaces such as a makerspace. From our podcast, student makers at the University of North Texas explore various topics surrounding the Making, Maker Mindset, and the Maker movement. We have a few series that focus on a range of topics from how various spaces developed their unique makerspace/fablab/technology gym/design studio/etc. to meeting our makers to a series on specific technologies that are either in our makerspace or new in the maker community. Join us for a journey into the maker mindset and learn about our space and other spaces that inspire us. 


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