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Learn how to use RefWorks, the reference and research manager available to all UNT students, faculty, and staff.

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a web-based reference manager that allows you to create your own personal database of references and documents for both academic and personal use. With RefWorks you can:

  • Easily import references from electronic databases, the UNT library catalog, websites, other reference managers, and more into your account
  • Quickly create reference lists/bibliographies for papers and projects in the citation style of your choice
  • Store, read and annotate documents

See the Introduction to RefWorks handout below to get started with your account. To learn about the basic and advanced functions, view the RefWorks video tutorials.

How to create your Refworks account

RefWorks is available for all UNT students, faculty, and staff through the UNT Libraries. Your account will last as long as the library has a contract with RefWorks. To create an account, follow these steps:

  1. New users will need to enter a UNT access code, to set up their account. Contact to request the access code.
  2. When you have obtained the access code, go to the UNT Refworks login page at (this link is also included in the Databases tab and in the Most Requested section on
  3. Enter the UNT access code and submit.
  4. Next complete the registration, and then you can start using your new account.
  5. You can now login with your username and password through wherever you have an Internet connection. 

To explore alternatives to RefWorks, visit our Reference Managers guide.

How long will my RefWorks account last?

RefWorks is available for all UNT students, faculty, and staff through the UNT Libraries. Your account will last as long as the library has a contract with RefWorks. That means you will have access to your account after you graduate, retire or, resign from your position at UNT. When you are preparing to leave UNT, remember to take these steps:

  1. Enter the Settings in your account
  2. Change your email address to one where you can be contacted in the future
  3. Change your Role to Alumni (even if you are technically a retiree or former employee)

See the article, "Will alumni be able to access RefWorks after graduation?" at the RefWorks Customer Knowledge Center or see the handout below. If the library ends its contract with RefWorks in the future, we'll notify you by email, and you'll have the opportunity to export your references in a format compatible with other reference managers.

Tips for Using RefWorks

Off-Campus Use 

If you are using RefWorks somewhere other than the UNT campus, you can still use your RefWorks account. Simply enter your UNT email address and the password you created for the account.


RefWorks works best with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge - avoid using Internet Explorer. If you're having problems with RefWorks, try switching to a different browser.


RefWorks functions with the use of some pop-ups. Be sure to turn off your pop-up blocker, or add RefWorks as an exception to the blocker.

RefWorks Resources

Find RefWorks help files and technical support at the RefWorks Customer Knowledge Center. Video tutorials are available at the RefWorks YouTube Channel.

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