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Help Yourself Campaign @ the UNT Libraries

This initiative strives to connect UNT students with library resources on topics that may be difficult and stressful for individuals to learn about or discuss openly due to contextual factors in their lives.

What is the Help Yourself Campaign?

At UNT Libraries, we want students to know that the Libraries has more than just academic resources. We have resources for self-help and wellness.  The Help Yourself Campaign (HYC) initiative strives to connect UNT students with library resources on topics that may be difficult and stressful for individuals to learn about or discuss openly due to contextual factors in their lives. 

To empower students in their journey toward seeking knowledge and wellness, we compile call numbers and campus resource information on the included campaign topics. On the topic pages in this guide, there are collection highlights that can be used in self-guided bibliotherapy.

We hope these resources empower students to locate and check out these resources from the library in addition to seeking help from student-serving offices on campus.

We will distribute these materials to any student-serving office on campus where students may benefit the most from finding this information. If there is a topic you would like added to the campaign, please let us know.

Help Yourself: Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner ViolenceHelp Yourself: Mental HealthHelp Yourself: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Looking Multicultural and Diversity Resources?

On each topic page, UNT resources are provided to help connect students to departments that can help.

As of April 2021, only UNT resources are provided on theses pages and third-party information has been removed unless the organization is an academic or a government organization or a certifying professional board. All third party resources, including non-profits and philanthropies, have been moved to the "Local & National Resource" tab. 

Further as of April 2021, only non-profits and philanthropies will be accepted as additional resources for the Help Yourself Campaign. 

Disclaimer about third party resources: The additional resources have been selected for their educational content and potential free services only. Each resource is vetted for accurate information as well as ensuring the company or organization aligns with the UNT mission and values. When possible, non-profit status is provided. No financial agreements or contracts were signed for providing information. The UNT Libraries does not endorse any third party company or organization listed as a potential resource nor can the UNT Libraries recommend services provided by any third-party company or organization, though some many have existing contracts with UNT Denton or UNT System. The guide editor maintains the right to remove companies or organizations at their discretion without notification. Using third party information provided or services advertised on company or organization websites are at the individual's discretion. 

History of the Campaign

The Help Yourself Campaign was launched during the 2017 Fall semester in time with the annual National Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Awareness Month in September. The campaign was started by Dr. Spencer Keralis, the former department head of the Digital Humanities and Collaborative Programs at the UNT Libraries. 

At the dissolution of this department, Brea Henson aimed to continue and expand the campaign as a representative of the Education and Prevention of Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Committee. Henson is the author of Library Resources for Dean of Students University Initiatives guide that has additional resources for national awareness months and DoS initiatives. 

Resources Available

Student-serving campus organizations may request copies of the flyers (8.5 x 11”) or cards (3.5 x 8.5”) for your office by emailing We appreciate your help in spreading awareness of our resources to the broader UNT community.

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