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Help Yourself Campaign @ the UNT Libraries

Students can face many challenges and situations while in college. We can help you help yourself. Guide created and maintained by Brea Henson.

Sexual Health & Reproductive Education, Help Yourself Campaign, UNT Library

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Subject Headings and Call Numbers

Locate books with these call numbers at Willis and Sycamore Libraries, GOVT Online Resources, and UNT Online Resources. Physical materials can be checked out at one of our service desks or through our self-check machines for complete privacy. 

Consent & Ethics for Sex
  •  HQ 32 – HQ 34

Family, including Marriage, AFAB Role, Family Size, Family Planning, Birth Control, & Abortion

  • HQ 763 – HQ 767
  • RG 136 – RG 138

Gender Identity and Love, Erotica Stories, and Sadism, Masochism, Fetishism in Kink Culture

  • HQ 18.55
  • HQ 79 .B - HQ 79 .T
  • PS 648.E (stories)

Gynecology and Obstetrics, including Pregnancy, Reproductive Technology and In Vitro, OvulationEmbryo and Fetus Health, Miscarriage, AFAB Organ Diseases, and Urogynecology

  • RG 1 – RG 734.5
  • RG 648 – RG 649

Gynecology and Obstetric, Contraception, Birth Control, and AFAB Sterilization

  • RG 136 – RG 137.6
  •  RG 138

Gynecology and Obstetrics, relating to Diseases 

  • RG 218 – RG 485

Human Reproduction including AFAB Health & Reproductive Politics & Rights

  • RG 14 – RG 129
  • RG 161– RG 496
  • HQ 766 .R

Law and Legislation of Human Reproduction

  • K 2000
Sex & Reproductive Education
  • HQ 56 – HQ 58
Sex & Sexuality
  • HQ 21 – HQ 31
  • HQ 35 – HQ 54
Sexual Transmitted Infections
  • RC 200 – RC 203
  • RG 218 – RG 485

Personal Health and Cleanness, Sexual Health, and Toxic Shock Syndrome

  • RA 788
  • RG 220

Physiology of Sex and Reproduction, including Menstruation, Pre-Menstruation, and Functions of Uterus, Cervix, and Ovaries

  • RG 161 – RG 165
  • QP 250.8 – QP 285

Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Fetal Health

  • RG 551 – RG 650

Research for Reproductive Success

  • RG 133 – RG 135

*AFAB (Assigned Female at Birth has replaced women/woman in subject headings

Need Toiletries or Menstrual Care Supplies?

The Food Pantry has toiletries and menstrual care products available.

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Free Online Resources

Meadows Center for Health Resources

The Meadows Center for Health Resources

The Meadows Center for Health Resources is the health education office of the Student Health and Wellness Center.  At the Meadows Center, students are welcome to ask health questions in a welcoming and educational environment.  Staff are trained to discuss a variety of health issues with students and make appropriate referrals to SHWC clinical staff or other resources.  The Meadows Center cannot provide treatment advice. Students needing medical assistance should contact the Student Health and Wellness Center's Clinic at 940-565-2333.

In addition to providing health education information, the Meadows Center provides several other services, including:


Condom Club

The Condom Club program in the Meadows Center for Health Resources provides free safer sex kits each week to enrolled UNT students.  Students can pick up the safer sex kits from Chestnut Hall 301 Monday through Thursday 8 am to 5 pm and Fridays 9:30 am to 5 pm.  Condom Club program is not available during University holidays and other closures. The Condom Club is not a registered student organization at UNT.

To participate in the Condom Club program, each academic year students need to meet with a Meadows Center team member for a ten minute demonstration of appropriate uses of condoms, dental dams and other barrier methods.  During the demonstration, students will also learn about lubricants and recommended times to get STD testing.  After completing the yearly demonstration, students can receive safer sex kits by swiping in with their UNT ID card.


Walk-In STD Testing

The Student Health and Wellness Center provides walk-in testing services for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).  The walk-in testing option is the standard STD testing package, which includes urine tests for Chlamydia & gonorrhea and blood tests for HIV & syphilis.  This testing will be at the regular STD package price of $65 with payment due at the time of service and is available at the Student Health and Wellness Center without an appointment.

Who can use the walk-in testing services?

Students can use the walk-in STD testing services if they:

  • Are not currently experiencing symptoms of an STD
  • Have not been informed that a sexual partner has tested positive for an STD
  • Are wanting all 4 tests in the STD package (Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and syphilis)
  • Are not wanting to consult with a medical provider for a more thorough discussion, exam and/or treatment for possible STD infection
How much will the walk-in STD testing service cost?

The walk-in STD testing services will cost the same as the STD testing package ordered by a provider, which is currently $65, with payment due at the time of service.  Please note, prices are subject to change without notice, so call 940-369-8543 or stop by the Student Health and Wellness Center on the 2nd floor of Chestnut Hall to verify current pricing.


The Conversation: Peer Health Educators

The Meadows Center for Health Resources sponsors the Conversation, a peer health education student organization, to assist with educating the UNT community about health issues.  The Conversation’s vision is to create a college experience that is positive, safe, and healthy for all students at UNT to reach their intellectual, psychological, social, cultural, and spiritual potential while maintaining their physical health.  The Conversation focuses on delivering up-to-date relevant information to the UNT community delivered by trained UNT students. The Conversation is made up of a diverse group of UNT students who are trained by our certified health educator in an area of interest, which includes smoking cessation, violence, sexual health, healthy relationships, body image, nutrition, wellness, and fitness. Through specialized training, weekly meetings, hands-on experiences in program & event planning, social marketing, and leadership development, peer educators engage fellow students in health awareness campaigns and wellness events to improve the overall health of the UNT community.


Mean Green Screen

The Mean Green Screen began in 1993 when the Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC) implemented a free, anonymous HIV test site. HIV testing has been offered every semester since then with thousands of UNT students receiving education and risk reduction counseling as part of each session. The screening is free thanks to the support of community agency Tarrant County MHMR. Professionals from this agency provide this service in the SHWC's Meadows Center for Health Resources (Chestnut Hall, suite 301). Results are available in less than 30 minutes.

HIV Test Kits are provided by grants and funding through the state Department of Health Services. All persons who schedule an appointment for the screening test must be identified as having a risk exposure, such as unprotected sexual activity, multiple partners or other exposure to blood or body fluids. Before each testing session trained Prevention Based Counselors must assess the risk and determine the need for testing. Persons with no identified risk will receive education services but will not be eligible for HIV testing.


Health Education Programming

The Meadows Center for Health Resources provides more than just one-on-one services. Student groups, classrooms, and student organizations can invite the Meadows Center to provide programming on a wide variety of health and wellness issues. All programs are free and can include risky behaviors, sexual assault and dating violence, nutrition, fitness, wellness, sexual responsibility, sexually transmitted infections, stress management, birth control, women's health and more! For more information call (940) 565-2787. To request a program, please complete a MCHR Program Request Form.  Please keep in mind that the Health Educators facilitate programming all over the campus for many different departments, organizations, and staff/faculty, so have multiple dates in mind when requesting a program.

Highlights from the Collection: Sexual Health & Reproductive Education

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