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Help Yourself Campaign @ the UNT Libraries

Students can face many challenges and situations while in college. We can help you help yourself. Guide created and maintained by Brea Henson.

Food and Housing Insecurity Help Yourself Page

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Subject Headings and Call Numbers

Locate books with these subjects and call numbers at Willis and Sycamore Libraries, GOVT Online Resources, and UNT Online Resources. Physical materials can be checked out at one of our service desks or through our self-check machines for complete privacy. 

Food Relief
  • HV696.F6
Food Security
  • HD9000.5
Food Stamps
  • HV696.F6
Homelessness & Homeless Communities
  • HV4028 - HV4506
  • HV4480 - HV4630
  • HD7285 - HD7391
  • HV696 .F6
Low-Income Housing
  • HD7287.95 - HD7287.96
Rental Housing
  • HD7288.8 - HD7288.85
Self-Help Housing
  • HD7287.95 - HD7287.96
Student Housing
  • LB3226 - LB3228
Temporary housing
  • NA7875 

Campus Resources

UNT Food Pantry & SNAP Program with NTFB

Care Team & Seeking Options & Solutions
Counseling & Testing Services
More University Initiatives
Questions? Ask Us!

Food and Housing Insecurity UNT Initiatives

UNT is committed to helping our students combat food and housing insecurity. Interested in learning more about resources from UNT or the Denton Community? Check out the UNT Food Pantry guide.

Need Clothing or Toiletries?

There a few places on campus that have clothing or toiletries available for students. 

Renting in Denton and Tenat's Rights

Collection Highlights: Hunger on College Campuses

Collection Highlights: Homelessness on College Campuses

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