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Help Yourself Campaign @ the UNT Libraries

This initiative strives to connect UNT students with library resources on topics that may be difficult and stressful for individuals to learn about or discuss openly due to contextual factors in their lives.

Adjusting to College

Adjusting to College: Subjects, Call Numbers, and Library Guides

Locate books with these subjects and call numbers at Willis and Sycamore Libraries, GOVT Online Resources, and UNT Online Resources.

Student Success

  • LB1049 - LB3610
  • LC208.8 - LC2781.7


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UNT Learn Anywhere

UNT Learn Anywhere is a a resource for UNT campus-cased students shifting to online courses. The site has been created for UNT students for situations where we need to temporarily take courses online with minimal impact during sudden and prolonged campus or building closures caused by incidents such as a viral or infectious disease outbreak, a family emergency requiring your presence elsewhere, or a natural disaster.

Page Content Includes:

Tips for Learning Online and General Academic Success

"Freshman Orientation: Tell Your Story," UNT Orientation and Transition Programs, 2020,

Adjusting to College: Student Success Videos

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