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Help Yourself Campaign @ the UNT Libraries

Students can face many challenges and situations while in college. We can help you help yourself. Guide created and maintained by Brea Henson.

Adjusting to College

Want to provide feedback on mental health resources? Take this IRB Approved Survey.

Subject Headings and Call Numbers

Locate books with these subjects and call numbers at Willis and Sycamore Libraries, GOVT Online Resources, and UNT Online Resources. Physical materials can be checked out at one of our service desks or through our self-check machines for complete privacy.  

Achievement Tests

  • LB3060.3

Admissions and Entrance Requirements

  • LB2351
Campus violence, including Bullying and Rape
  • LB2345

College Majors

  • LB2361 - LB2362

College Students

  • LB2397

College Student Orientation

  • LB2343.3 - LB2343.34

College Student Retention

  • LC142 - LC145 

Relation between Higher and Secondary Education
  • LB2350
Self-Government of Students
  • LB2346

Success, Academic Achievement

  • BF637.S8 


  • LB3602 - LB3618

Students, Psychology

  • LB1117

Student Success

  • LB1049 - LB3610
  • LC208.8 - LC2781.7

Student Life, including Activities and Recreation

  • LA186
  • LB3602 - LB3604
  • LB3608

Universities and Colleges, Admissions

  • LB2351 - LB2359 

Looking for More Library Resources on This Topic?

Succeed at UNT

Succeed at UNT has resources and success stories specifically for student, including information on advising, the Academic Success Center, mental health resources, money management, ways to get involved in campus life and more. Encouraging students to seek assistance is not a sign of weakness, but a vital piece of their overall success in the learning environment. 

UNT Learn Anywhere

UNT Learn Anywhere is a resource for UNT campus-cased students shifting to online courses. The site has been created for UNT students for situations where we need to temporarily take courses online with minimal impact during sudden and prolonged campus or building closures caused by incidents such as a viral or infectious disease outbreak, a family emergency requiring your presence elsewhere, or a natural disaster.

Page Content Includes:

Student Retention Resources for Faculty

Student Retention Resources @ UNT shares student success ideas for faculty. These resources and ideas can be incorporated into classrooms. 

Tips for Learning Online and General Academic Success

"Freshman Orientation: Tell Your Story," UNT Orientation and Transition Programs, 2020,

Adjusting to College: Student Success Videos

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