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The Spark

Igniting the imagination through cooperative learning


Laptop Lending Program:

The Spark administers a a laptop lending program with multiple levels of loan periods available within a given semester. 

The most popular is the semester laptop lending program which offers a select number of MAC and Dell laptops that are available for one semester.  To be considered for the opportunity, students must submit their information into a drawing, understand that pick up start the week before the semester starts, attend a Laptop Lending Program workshop and sign the Contract of Responsibility for the loaner equipment. The drawing will open at least 1 week prior to the start of the semester.  When the drawing is open, a link will be available below to submit your information into the pool. Putting your name in the drawing is not a guarantee that you will be chosen for a laptop, as the process is entirely random. 

The quantity of laptops available for checkout changes every semester depending on availability. Laptops vary in condition and although the Libraries helpdesk will look at minor software issues, the laptops are not eligible for replacement. Note: batteries on laptops do slowly wear out and some laptops may have to be plugged in, in order to take a test that uses Respondus Lockdown browser. Check here for FAQ's about the program.

SPRING 2023 DRAWING ENTRY is now open. In order to be in the potential pool, students must submit their information into the lottery pool. Laptops will begin being assigned out the week prior to the start of the semester, January 9-13th, 2023.


Laptops are your responsibility when checkout to you. You must understand that financial responsibility, as well as physical responsibility is transferred to you and you will be held financially responsible if equipment is damaged or misplaced while checked out to you. 

There are 3 loan periods for laptops, Standard, Extended, and Long-term. 

Standard Laptops: 

  • Available to: UNT Students
  • Loan Periods: 24 hours
  • Renewals allowed: no
  • Allowed: 1 laptop, 1 charger
  • Fine rates: $5.00 per hour for laptops, $1.00 per hour for chargers, $100 max fine for returned in same condition as check out.

Long-term Laptops: 

  • Available to: UNT Students
  • Loan Periods: 1 Semester
  • Renewals allowed: no
  • Allowed: 1 laptop, 1 charger
  • Fine rates: $5.00 per hour for laptops, $1.00 per hour for chargers, $100 max fine for returned in same condition as check out.
  • Please note there is a limited number of Long-term laptops



The following library service desks provide laptop checkouts during hours of operation. MacBooks are only available at Willis Library.


  • Do not sync your iPod or other MP3 players with iTunes. You might lose information as the laptops are set to erase. 
  • The Libraries and SPARK are not responsible for the loss of or damage to a user’s file during the loan period.
  • The Libraries and SPARK are not responsible for any computer viruses that may be transferred to, or from, a user’s storage device.
  • The Libraries, SPARK, or UNT cannot be held responsible for any information (credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.) that is compromised through the wireless network.
  • The laptop is your responsibility while it is checked out to you. Never leave the laptop unattended.


  • Do not save any files to the laptops hard drive. They will be erased when the laptop is turned off.
  • Files can be saved to a personal storage device or your UNT Student Storage Space on OneDrive.
  • Once the computer is shut down, any files saved on the hard drive will be erased.


  • If you experience problems with your borrowed laptop, please return it to the appropriate desk. You will be given another laptop, if available.
  • Technical Support and Software Application questions may be directed to the Libraries’ Help Desk, or (940) 565-3024. The Help Desk is staffed 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


  • Laptop borrowers are expected to have read the most current version of the UNT Information Security handbook. The Information Security handbook contains UNT computing guidelines and policy for UNT faculty, staff and students. This document is available for review and print and is required reading for anyone using UNT computing resources. Departments that work with financial, medical, academic, or any other sensitive information are required to read the security handbook and become familiar with the policies and guidelines listed within as a continued effort by The University of North Texas to prevent FERPAHIPAAGLBADMCA, and Federal Copyright Law violations.
  • Laptop borrowers are expected to refrain from deleting, modifying, or otherwise altering any hardware or software including display and desktop settings. Personal software or files should not be saved or installed to the laptops hard drive.
  • All users are expected to use the Libraries’ wireless access in a legal and responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which it is provided.
  • The UNT wireless network should be treated as an insecure network. There can be un-trusted parties between you and anyone with who you communicate, and any information being transmitted can potentially be intercepted by other wireless users. Cautious and informed wireless users choose not to transmit personal information (credit card numbers, social security numbers, passwords or any other sensitive information) while using any wireless connection. Please take appropriate precautions when using the wireless connection.

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