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Student Printing

Printing @ The SPARK

Printing at the SPARK is the same as printing throughout the libraries, so the information is applicable to any Library building you are in. 

First thing to note is that UNT uses papercut to manage the print system for students. If using a student computer inside the Libraries, the client for papercut is on the workstation and once selecting to print you will be prompted to authenticate with your UNT EUID and password. However, if you are using a mobile or personal device papercut is accessible through the web at


Cost of Printing 

Cost of Printing 
Type Ink Cost
Double sided Black and white $0.05 per page
  Color $0.19 per page
Single sided Black and white $0.03 per page
  Color $0.10 per page


Below we will go over the steps to 1) submit your print job to a printer queue from both the desktop and the web and 2) how to then release your print job from a station and your personal mobile device. 


Submitting a print job from the desktops:

  • Once you have prepared your document/s and are ready to print. You can use file print to begin.
  • Select the proper print queue which in the Libraries is: UNT-SCL-B&W on campus print or UNT-SCL-COLOR on campus print depending on if you would like to print in color.
  • Then select the print button.
  • Papercut will pop up and ask for your credential which are your UNT EUID and password

                   this image is what the prompt from papercut looks like with the statement "Your login credentials are required for printer acess. and then a data entry box for username and a data entry box for password.

  • Click ok
  • Then the Print Job Notification Page will display, review the page for accurate information

                    Print Job Notification sample picture that shows document name, printer, pages and cost of the print job being sent to the printer

TIP: Students will only be able to print using the "Charge to my personal account" but staff may have a shared account, if printing for your work ask you supervisor if you are suppose to print from a shared account.

  • Once you have verified the information select the print button.
  • You will see a pop up in the bottom on the desktop, notifying you that the print job has been held in the queue.
  • Next step  Release a Print Job below


Submitting a print job from a mobile device:


  •  Select Web Print from the menu a picture of the left side menu when logged in to papercut showing to select 'Web Print"
  •  On the right side of the screen, select 
  • Select the printer you would like to use from the list of printers: 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Print Options and Account Selection Button
  •  Enter the number of copies you would like to print, then click Upload Documents Button
  • Browse for the document on your computer. (Typical folders include "My Documents," Desktop," and "Dropbox.")

TIPS: PaperCut CANNOT print from the web directly to webprint. You'll need to save web documents to your computer in order to print them.


  •  After you have selected your file, click Upload and Complete Button
  •  If you see this screen, your print request has been successful: 

sample image of a job after processed that is now held in the queue

Please note that this has simply sent the files you wish to print in to a holding queue for the printers. You must also go through the Release a Print Job steps outlined below.

Release a Print Job

As a part of the Return to Learn efforts at the UNT campuses, we are encouraging the use of the mobile release process.  So whenever possible we do encourage you to take advantage of the mobile release process.

There are printers located on the Lower Level, First Floor, Second Floor and Fourth Floor of the Willis Library building. There is one color printer in Willis Library which is located on the first floor and is a multifunctional printer and one in Sycamore Library. 

Mobile Release:

When in Willis Library, each printer has a unique QR code posted on the printer.

  • Walk up to the printer and using your mobile device scan the QR code.
  • login with your EUID and password
  •        image of the login screen for qr code specific release station


  • then you will see you are on the Jobs page, at the bottom of the page you will see a green button that says Release, select the Release button to send your prints to the printer.


Walk Up or Traditional Release:

In the event that the Mobile Release option will not work for you, we have at least one traditional release station on the first floor of Willis Library and at least one on the second floor of the Willis Library building, and one in Sycamore Library. In a traditional release station, you will find a monitor, keyboard and mouse set up directly next to the printer. Using the keyboard if you type in your EUID and password on the release station, you will be able to release your prints on that printer.

In addition to the traditional release station the Multifunction printer throughout the library (the printers with a scanner on top) which includes the color printer on the first floor, the Multifunctional black and white printer on the 2nd floor, the multifunctional printer on the fourth floor in Willis Library, as well as the color printer in Sycamore Library and a multifunctional printer in Discovery Park Library, has a built in release screen on the printer. On the release screen you will be prompted for your EUID and password to login and then you will see your jobs that are held in the queue and you can then release the prints there.

NOTE: you are not charged for a print until your release it. 

Print Etiquette

Printing is a shared resource at UNT, a campus with a passion for conservation and BEING GREEN! It is important that each user is respectful of the printing resources. It is very important that we all do our part to be courteous to others and conserve time, paper and toner. 

Please keep the following in mind when using print services at UNT:

  • Be kind and wait your turn. Although you may be able to scan the QR code while waiting in line, we recommend you wait to actually release until you reach the printer. The unit could run out of toner/paper or have an issue and you already released the job and have now used your quota and will either have to wait until the printer is able to print the document
  • Large print jobs should be broken in to smaller parts to print and whenever possible printed in off peak hours
  • If you find a print that is not yours turn it in to the SPARK desk
  • Large power points are best printed as a PDF with multiple slides per page. Also if there are a number of images and actions in the print use the print as image feature



Student Printing 

Throughout the Library all locations have printers that allow student to print from the student credit that is in line with the Student Computer Labs.

When printing please use the queues, CampusPrint: UNT-SCL-B&W or CampusPrint UNT-SCL-COLOR

Printing Information and Guidelines | Student Computer Labs (

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