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Frequently Asked Questions

ABOUT THE SPARK Laptop Lending Program

What is the laptop lending program?

Supported by a partnership between the UNT Library and the UNT Student Computer Labs, the Spark offers 3 loan terms (semester, 2 week, 24hr) for laptops to support student computing needs. More detail on the loan program is available here

Who can checkout a Spark laptop?

Currently enrolled (in the active semester) UNT students, whom are in good standing with UNT and the Library are eligible to check out a laptop from the Spark

Where do I get a laptop?

The Spark Technology Service Desk on the first floor of Willis Library. Turn to the right after entering the front doors and you will see The Spark desk along the north wall of the building.

How do I get a laptop?

In order to check out  laptop you must have a valid (swipe-able) UNT ID card and go to the Spark service desk. 

  • 24hr Laptops are first come first serve
  • 2 Week laptops- are first come first serve with a waitlist that is kept at the Spark service desk if we have run out.
  • Semester laptops-Laptops that are in the semester loan program are assigned via a lottery drawing the week prior to each long semester. For more information about signing up for the lottery please go here.

Why do I have to sign a loan agreement to check out a laptop?

Laptops are on loan, which means financial and physical responsibility for the items is transferred to the individual who checks out the laptop, therefore at check out individual's are required to review and sign the loan agreement stating that you understand you are taking responsibility for state resources.

Who is responsible for lost/stolen/damages that occur while the laptop is checked out to me?

You are. It is the individual who borrowed the laptops responsibility to take care including properly securing the laptop. In the event something happens to the laptop while on loan, you are responsible for reporting it to The Spark, and in the case of stolen then also to the police. In the event any Spark equipment is part of a police report, the case number and information should be submitted to The Spark

Why do I need to allot up to 20 minutes for checkout/setup of 2 week and semester laptops?

We make every effort to minimize the checkout time for each laptop, however after signing the loan agreement each user must take a few steps to technically set up the laptop through a guided self service while in the building. This step will make sure the laptop gets logged in with your UNT EUID and password and creates a local account. In addition a team member will be available to assist or answer questions.

How do I install software on the laptop?

Only pre-approved applications will be available for installation on the 2 week and semester laptops. 24hr Laptops are locked and cannot have applications installed. To see options available, you will need to use Software Center and Self Service:


To launch Software Center on your computer:

Image result for Software Center IconClick the magnifying glass icon. Write software in the search field

The search results will be displayed

Click Software Center

Review/Install desired available software

Please note depending on your internet connection, sometimes the installation fails. Retry after you are confident you have a strong internet connection


To launch Self Service on your computer:

Graphical user interface, text, application

Description automatically generatedClick the magnifying glass icon. Write self-service in the search field

The search results will be displayed

Click Self Service

Review/Install desired available software

Note that a number of specialized applications have been made available through MyLab as well as For a video to explain MyLab and the Cetrix Client go here.


Don’t see the app you were looking for? You can submit a request through this form

 What if Software Center is not loading on my DELL laptop? 

Be advised: If you open Software Center, but do not see any applications, the system may need to be on the network for a little while to insure the system loads. Once it has successfully the first time it should be rare to have this issues again (unless you have a slow network connection that may cause dropped packets). If there are no apps displaying in software center first try:

1. Open Software Center

2. Go to "Options" on the left hand side of the screen

3. Click "Computer Maintenance"

4. Click "Synch Policy"

5. Go to "Device Compliance" on the left hand side of the screen

6. Click "Check Compliance"

You may have to complete this process several times.. 

What is the first login process for the 2 week and semester laptops?


  • Connect to the UNT wifi- (use UNT not eaglenet)
  • Login into the Cisco AnyConnect ( and (EUID & Password)
  • Login to the desktop with your EUID and password


Due to setting up a laptop for you, the first login must be on UNT's wired network and will be done at checkout which may take 5-20 minutes

Then it will be have your name from your EUID and password

What is the vpn address?

When needing to access the UNT vpn use: or either should work

What client do I use to get on the VPN?

For Dell: CIscoAnyConnect  Microsoft Apps
For Mac: VPN (on the top right corner menu bar)  Mac VPN

My Laptop battery does not stay at 100% when I unplug it?

Batteries slowly lose the ability to hold a 100% charge. So it is possible that if you are taking an online class that requires a laptop to be at 100% charge, you will need to leave the laptop plugged into the wall to meet the requirement.

Should I save my data on the laptop?

No, at least not as the only place. We highly recommend you save your data to an external drive and or a cloud solutions such as your one drive.

What if I need a MAC, but there is not one available?

If you need to use a MAC but were assigned a DELL, note that you can use the virtual machine provided through and select Guacamole (the Apple/MAC option)

Is there a waitlist for laptops?

After all lottery laptops have been assigned, if there are laptops available or if laptops become available during the current semester, we will contact individuals from the traditional waitlist. To get on the waitlist you must come in to The Spark Service Desk and swipe your ID. IF a laptop becomes available at some point during the current semester individuals will be contacted with a deadline for being able to pick up.

Will I get a fine if I am late?

Yes! Make sure you turn in your laptop on time. These are shared resources for all 42K+ students at UNT and we do not have enough laptops for everyone. So returning the unit is critical to helping out other students whom need access. For fines policy information please go here. Fine rate information is available here.

How to get Adobe CC on a loaner laptop?

Due to Adobe Creative Cloud licensing, you will have to use a personal subscription and you can get a discounted rate here: Student Discounted License

Who do I contact for assistance?

You can contact The Spark on chat or or 940-369-5259

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