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Guide for Sociology research topics to support the UNT community. Maintained by Lilly Ramin, Sociology Subject Librarian

Selected websites

Websites do not require a login, and do not always have scholarly material but might be useful, such as with professional organization websites or government information.

  • Government agency websites are used in Sociology for demographic and agency related data. (Our Government Information experts provide assistance with "governmental, business, geographic, or legal information" email You are welcome to CC me if you wish.
  • For scholarly papers, be sure to check Sociology databases and journals to locate peer-reviewed articles.

Non-UNT websites (with social media presence)

Professional Resources

Professional associations enable you to join the dialogue of the profession and perhaps apply for scholarships while you are in school to attend conferences or continue your education.

Selected Websites


Tip: Go to the Scholar Settings and for Library Links add "University of North Texas System - Full Text at UNT System" so you are alerted regarding what we own. (Alternatively you can use the VPN browser not to log in repeatedly but it may be slower. )

Google Scholar Search

Additional Links