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Guide for Sociology research topics to support the UNT community. Maintained by Lilly Ramin, Sociology Subject Librarian

Statistical Resources Library Guide (From Sycamore Library)

This is a guide to major sources of national, state, local, foreign, and international statistical data available at the University of North Texas Libraries and on the Internet. Includes links to major statistical agencies at all levels of government and to major statistical indexes.

On this page are listed some of the most frequently used sources of statistics. If you don't find what you need here, check the sources listed in the other tabs in this guide.

Sage Research Methods

UNT Library resources

What would you like to investigate (credit: Dataset guide)

Have you thought of which type of analysis you want to conduct? In general, there are three research methods: quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods. Depends on your discipline, there could be a specific type of data analysis appropriate for your research.

The SAGE Research Methods is a collection of instructional videos and case studies that guide users through the research process. This collection also provide electronic access to the research series for social sciences: Little Green Books for quantitative methods and Little Blue Books for qualitative methods.

Below are direct links to the Sage Research Methods collection:

More Dataset tools: access to thousands of federal government datasets on various topics.  Also allows access to some APIs so you can build an application to access the data.

IPUMS datasets

IPUMS  "another data source where you can do online analysis" (R. Seward)

Quick Links:  IPUMS USA Short Instructions PDF and IPUMS frequently asked questions

Screemshot of IPUMs homeage with Analyze Data Online Highlighted

Screemshot of IPUMs homeage with Analyze Data Online Highlighted


Qualtrics Sources

UNT links to the Qualtrics University page for tutorial videos and training on this survey creation tool.

SDA and Berkeley

“SDA is a set of programs for the documentation and Web-based analysis of survey data. SDA is developed and maintained by the Computer-assisted Survey Methods Program (CSM) at the University of California, Berkeley. CSM also develops the CASES software package.

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