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Guide for Sociology research topics to support the UNT community. Maintained by Lilly Ramin, Sociology Subject Librarian

Journals: How to browse and locate scholarly journals

  • This Sociology Library Guide page for Journals will provide tips and links on searching for journals at UNT Libraries.

E-Journal Finder

Browse Titles:

Other Ways to Find Articles:

Sociology e-Journal titles (Box link)


The links below are for the Discover Library Catalog which is frequently updated as coverage changes, but UNT Libraries e-journals page will have the most up to date coverage for each e-journal (online journal) but there are not individual links available for this tool. Sociology department and course recommended  journals at UNT libraries will be added below.

Journals focused on research in race, ethnicity, and immigration

General sociology journals:
These will cover a variety of sociological topics but you can often find articles related to race and ethnicity)

Topical or other specialized journals

These cover particular topics in sociology but you can often find articles related to race and ethnicity)

Health (for SOCI 3120)

Family (SOCI 3000 - Sociology of Marriage and Family.)


Sociology of Education | e-journal page

Media arts & more:

New York Times (Special note)

New York Times through UNT Libraries:

  • New York Times is heavily requested, but there are two access points. Note the date in the citation of the item you wish to locate. All links are from the E-journal Search page . The library catalog is not as up to date as the E-Journals search page.
New York Times (Online)
 Available through your account via Academic Passes

For the most current issues, or opinion-editorials, you may need to use this particular access point.

  • You must create a new account.
  • An account will be created after you identify your UNT affiliation (student, faculty, staff, etc)
  • Accounts can be created with non-UNT emails with a password of your choosing, but you may need to affiliated with UNT for the account to remain active (up to 4 years - then you will be prompted for renewal)

New York times 

from 01/01/1985 to 06/01/2014 in Business Insights: Global
from 01/01/1985 to present in Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints
from 01/01/1985 to present in Gale In Context: Science
from 1857 to 1919 in
from 06/01/1980 to present in Nexis Uni
from 01/01/1923 to 12/31/2018 in ProQuest Historical Newspapers: New York Times

from 09/14/1857 to 12/31/1922 in ProQuest Historical Newspapers: New York Times

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