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UNT Library Game Collection

This guide is for librarians interested in library game collection management.

The UNT Media Library Game Collection began with console games in the summer of 2009. A new UNT initiative, First Flight, was the impetus for revisiting a 2006 project proposal for diversifying the Media Library collection to include consoles and video games in the library. The goals were not only to support recreational gaming but also the educational value of games as a tool to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

This collection began with funding for a Wii, Xbox, and PS3 console and five games for each of these systems. It has grown steadily over the years to include all modern consoles, older legacy consoles, and emulators. Games for all of these consoles are also available. 

Video & Console Game Checkout

The UNT Media Library circulates a video game collection that includes computer games, console games, and console game accessories. This Library has closed stacks which makes the management of this collection much easier. 

  • Faculty & Staff can check out ten items for seven days
  • Students can check out three items for three days. 

Faculty & Staff are not assessed fines but students are fined $5 a day for each overdue item. A console and all of its parts are considered one item. 

We do not lend our game consoles or accessories out through interlibrary loan. 

Video & Console Games

Physical items
The UNT Media Library collects video and console games in any physical format. 

Game Collection
Physical games, like books, can be circulated under First Sale Doctrine

Digital items
The end-user license agreements (EULAs) for all digital games are sent through the UNT Legal department to assure proper use of any digital content. UNT offers access to several platforms for gaming, but because of licensing issues, specifically, the lack of multi-user licenses, students use their personal accounts to play digital-only games.

Accesibility Devices

The Media Library provides access to several accessibility devices

Self-help devices for people with disabilities

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