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UNT Library Game Collection

This guide is for librarians interested in library game collection management.

Image of old video games and consoles

The UNT Media Library Game Collection fulfills the research, education, and recreation needs of UNT faculty, staff, and students. Collection priorities are set each year and scaled to align with the current year’s budget and program goals.

The video game collection began in 2009 with a small grant and has since expanded to include materials that support student recreation and research. The collection is used for student and staff programming, coursework, scholarship, and university initiatives such as esports and a game studies and design degree.

Recreational Gaming

The Media Library provides a campus space for students from diverse programs to meet and work together. Gaming collections and programming are particularly well suited for community building and library outreach seeks to not only introduce students to library services but also help with retention, especially among first-year students, by building a sense of community. Most gaming includes social elements either through multiplayer games or discussion about single-player games. The majority of college students already participate in one or more forms of gaming.

Scholarship & Research

This collection supports scholarship and research on the technical aspects of game development, the study of mass media and popular culture, creative and educational game development, and student life. This collection supports the following degrees:

Game Studies and Design Degree / College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
This interdisciplinary program will provide students a strong liberal arts background for their study of games as vital cultural objects, theories and practice of game design and production, and teamwork skills with industry insight for the 21st century.

  • Advanced Game Writing Workshop
  • Intermediate Game Design
  • Game Studies Capstone
  • Narrative Design and Leadership
  • Animated Design Theory and Methods
  • Intermediate Animation and 3D Design Motion Capture
  • Advanced Game Design
  • Game Design Pre-production
  • Game Art
  • Gaming Frameworks
  • Directing for Games

Game Programming Certificate / Laboratory for Recreational Computing
The certificate in game programming is designed to prepare undergraduate students in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering to launch careers as programmers in the video game industry.

  • Game Programming I
  • Game Programming II
  • Topics in Game Development
  • Programming Math and Physics for Games, Advanced Topics in Game Development
  • Authoring Learning Games, Sims and Virtual Environments
  • 3D Game Programming

This collection also supports classes across disciplines.

  • Race, Gender, and the Media: A Methods Approach (Journalism)
  • Hollywood and the Wild West (History)
  • Russian in the 20th and 21st Century (History)
  • New media Art: Experimental 3D (Visual Arts)
  • New Games Studio (Journalism)
  • Video Game Histories (Media Arts)
  • Perspectives on Video Games (Media Arts)
  • Narrative and Story Development in Game Writing (English)
  • Digital Game-based Learning (Learning Technologies

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