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UNT Library Game Collection

This guide is for librarians interested in library game collection management.

The Media Library regularly hosts monthly gaming events where students can compete in friendly tournaments and test drive the latest titles in the collection in both the Media Library and Discovery Park Library.

These lightly themed gaming events that offer students a chance to engage with each other as they play video, PC, and tabletop games. Each event also offers students a chance to engage in themed crafting. Past themes included VR, party games, cosplay, escapes and breakouts, and role-playing games. 

Library employees facilitate gameplay and lead the crafting sessions.

Escapes & Breakouts

First Flight
Each year the Media Library participates in First Flight @ UNT. This event is geared toward introducing new freshmen to the UNT campus. One of our events introduces new students to the library through innovative and engaged learning within a controlled environment similar to an escape room.

Escape to the UNT Libraries is both fun and educational. By collaborating with multiple other library departments, the UNT Media Library designed an escape room that includes an introduction to several key learning objectives. In this immersive learning experience, students work in groups of 5 to find clues and solve puzzles. Each group has 25 minutes to accomplish these tasks, and participants must collaborate with each other and use librarians for assistance in order to be successful in completing the puzzle.​

Sibling Day
Each Spring the Media Library offers students and their siblings a chance to experience an escape room, breakouts, and open play together. This is a great way for these students to reconnect with siblings and show them one of the UNT libraries.

Family Weekend
Each fall the Media Library offers several escape rooms and open gaming during family weekend. 

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