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UNT Library Game Collection

This guide is for librarians interested in library game collection management.

Circulation Policy

Circulation policies for Media Library materials are listed on the Borrowing Materials page. 

Circulation Stats

Average yearly circulation statistics for the UNT Game Collection:

Media Library door count: 131,759

In-house gaming station use (PCs and consoles): 6750
Board game check out: 2423
Game console check out: 2181
Game accessories: 1872

Shelf of tabletop games

Research related to games, their impact on society and culture, and the game industry rapidly changes as new technology evolves. The Media Library game collection focuses on the use, creation, and impact of gaming.

Collection Development Criteria

  • Support curriculum and collection goals
  • Top-rated or high popular interest
  • Historically relevant to game history
  • Push design and technology boundaries
Collection Access

Cataloging is done to the fullest extent to provide adequate access to the collection. Each title is cataloged according to current RDA cataloging standards. Bibliographic records for tabletop games include the date of the original release, duration of play, number of players, and recommended age of players. The Media Library uses BGG as a resource to help describe and assign appropriate genre terms for tabletop games.

The UNT Library has created a list of genre terms for tabletop games to help describe this collection. These terms are specific to our collection but we believe it includes enough terms to suit almost any new library tabletop collection.

Genre Terms for Tabletop Games

The Media Library uses Moby Games to help describe video games and assign appropriate genre terms. The metadata format used is

OLAC's Videogame Genre Form Terms

Local call numbers include the first three letters of each title, year of release, format, and platform.

MUR 2012 GAME (Murder of crows)
FLA 2017 GAME SWITCH (The flame in the flood)
FLA 2017 GAME PS4 (The flame in the flood)

Accessibility Devices
The Media Library provides access to several accessibility devices


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