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UNT Library Game Collection

This guide is for librarians interested in library game collection management.

The UNT Media Library has closed stacks. Access to the physical collection is provided through the online catalog. This type of collection access prevents loss and drives decisions related to the cataloging, processing, and circulation of the collection. 

Cataloging Games

Cataloging is done to the fullest extent to provide adequate access to the collection. Each title is cataloged according to current RDA cataloging standards with a local general accession number as its call number. 

  • Game 1 Wii
  • Boardgame 75

Titles available on multiple platforms share the same accession number and appropriate platform number.

  • Game 444 Wii U
  • Game 444 Xbox One

Tabletop games include the edition or version in the call number.

  • Boardgame 25 1965
  • Boardgame 10 Adventure Time

Bibliographic records include the date of the original release, duration of play, number of players, and recommended age of players. 

Processing for Circulation

Tabletop Games
Tabletop games present a different challenge but generally are not that difficult to prepare for circulation. The UNT Library recently completed a study to determine best practices for circulating a tabletop game collection. Our processing includes:

  • Cards sleeved
  • Cloth corners on outer box corners
  • A single barcode on the outside of the box
  • Pieces bagged
  • Box rubber banded
  • After processing games are weighed and a note is added to the item record with the weight. Our scale is a Tree - HRB 10001.
Boardgame One night revolution
boardgame with corner reinforced
boardgame with rubberband holding it closed

Video Games
Video game processing is much like DVD processing in that games are circulated in the original plastic cases with a call number on the spine and front of the box. Each disc receives a hub protector with the library name to prevent cracking and breakage.

video game processing

Consoles and console accessories
Each piece of a console (bag, cables, console, remote, etc.) receives a barcode. We use tags and zip ties to more easily barcode cables and cords. Bags receive a luggage tag with the name of the item and a barcode. 

PSP barcoded
Console remotes processing

Escape room and breakout supplies
Escape room and breakout supplies are cataloged and barcoded for circulation. Lock codes are added into a note field in the item record. All of these individual records are suppressed. The scenarios that use these items are not suppressed. Patrons wishing to run a breakout scenario must contact the Media Library. A staff person will gather up the needed items for each scenario into a bag for circulation.

Breakouts and escapes circulate to student groups, faculty, and staff only. 

The Media Library requests that escape room design requests be received at least 6 months in advance. ​


Most items in this collection circulate. [Borrowing Media Items]

Tabletop Games
Each copy of a title includes a single item record and barcode on the box lid. We include the weight of the game in this item record. At return, the game is weighed to ensure the game is complete. Any game weights off by 3 grams are inventoried.
Video games
Each copy of a title includes a single item record and barcode on the insert.
Each console circulates in a bag that contains a remote and other necessary accessories. Each item included in the bag is assigned a barcode and item record; item records link to the console bibliographic record. The bag item record is the only one visible to patrons in the online catalog. All holds and bookings are placed using this item record. At checkout and check-in, all of the items are scanned to minimize loss. ​
Console accessories
Each console includes a single remote. Other accessories are available for checkout. These items each have a barcode and an item record attached. Each accessory is cataloged and all accessories that fall into that category except for the single remote with the console are attached to that record. We mark our items to denote their type. Circulating remotes and console peripherals are marked with yellow tape to differentiate them from remotes associated with consoles that are marked with purple tape. Independent remotes check out to patrons in a small bag in order to minimize damage. Remotes and peripherals that are library-use only are marked with red tape. 
Escape Room and Breakout Supplies
Puzzle boxes, boxes, hasps, and locks, as well as any other materials needed to run escape rooms, are available to student groups, faculty, and staff on a case-by-case basis for on-campus use only. At this time, you will need to contact the Media Library to use these items.

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