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Soldering Equipment

Soldering kits are available for use in space by individuals who have completed a soldering safety session. We offer soldering workshops throughout the semester, and each workshop includes a safety session.  

Soldering Kits

Digital Genuine Hakko FX-888D

Digital geniune Hakko FX-888D

Specifications and Info.

  • Kit Contents: Include soldering iron, a fume extractor (which is required to be used), a third hand, a solder sucker and safety eye wear and gloves. Solder & wire cutters as needed.
  • Info: Specifications / Manual /Instructions.
  • Notes: Soldering iron that heats up in 30 seconds, with a calibrated temperature control knob gives precision heat to minimize cold solder joints.


tool being used for soldering
tip cleaner
soldering tip
tool soldering circuit board

Rework Station

Rework Station

rework station

Specifications and Info.

  • Info: Specifications / Manual /Instructions.
  • Notes: Quick 9570W input 110VAC
    • Closed-loop sensor, large power, precise and stable temperature.
    • Auto cooling, prolongs the lifetime of the heating element, and protects the rework station.
    • Imported DC motor, soft vortex air, stepless adjustable.
    • Various applications, such as shielding case, connectors, plastic components, etc.
    • Sensor inside the handle, start working when the handle is picked up, stops working when it is put on the holder.
  • Specifications:
    • Display: LED (Resolution 1°C)
    • Power Consumption: 580W
    • Pump: Soft vortex air (Brushless fan)
    • Air Volume: 100L/min (Max)
    • Temperature Range: 100°C - 450°C


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