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The Spark

Igniting the imagination through cooperative learning


You can come to The Spark @ Discovery Park M130 and Willis 135 try out your hand at our milling machine to use for test milling projects. Our machine can mill on a wide variety of materials, including Plexiglas, soft woods like maple and pine, plywood, soft metals like aluminum, rubber, cork, foam, and printed circuit boards. 

See our Overview page for submission information.



Carvey Information 

  • Carvey is an easy-to-use, desktop 3D carving machine for making ideas into real objects. Carvey brings out the maker in all of us.

  • Carvey is a 3D carving machine that allows you to make quality objects out of a variety of materials including wood, metal, and plastic. Using Carvey and our free design software, you can make jewelry, signs, toys, and even circuit boards. Schools use Carvey to teach students about digital manufacturing.

  • The Carvey was the most successful Kickstarter campaign in Chicago in 2014. In 2016 Carvey won the Core77 Design Award in the Open Design category whose underlying purpose is creation or recreation by the end-user, either through production (ex. 3D Carving), assembly (ex. DIY), or personal customization.

Location Information

  • The Carvey is located in The Spark in Willis Library 135 Northwest Floor.



ShapeOko 2 Upgraded to X-Carve CNC

ShapeOko 2 CNC

ShapeOko 2 with Upgrade to X-Carve CNC Information

  • The unit is able to mill on plastics such as plexiglass; ​soft woods such as maple, pine, and plywood; soft metals such as aluminum; other materials such as rubber, cork, foam, and printed circuit boards.
  • Website: ShapeOko w/ X-Carve Upgrade
  • Quick Start Guide

Location Information

  • The ShapeOko w/X-Carve Upgrade is located in The Spark @ DP in room M130 at Discovery Park Campus for In Space Use.
ShapeOko 2 CNC milling design
ShapeOko 2 CNC milling on metal
ShapeOko 2 CNC milling on wood
ShapeOko 2 CNC milling finished product








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