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The Spark

Igniting the imagination through cooperative learning

Hand & Electric Tools

We offer various standard hand and electric tools to help you complete all your projects. Some tools are reserved for in-space use only. Most are provided as kits with varying sizes, attachments, etc.

Hand Tools

Electric Tools

Plastic Bending Machine

Specifications and Info.

  • Description: Simple but professional plastic bending machine ideal for technical universities, electrical engineering, prototypes etc. Provided with durable, heat- and scratch resistant working surface with side stop. Heating wire is continuous variably adjustable in height and temperature. For bending thin materials a foil bending profile can be placed into the reflector.
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Charging Tools

ChargeTech Portable Power

Power When You Need It - 40,200 mAh battery will extend the life of your laptop by 20 hours* giving you the power to do more. See additional hours broken down below.

SMARTPHONE                   LARGE TABLET                  USB-C LAPTOP                     DSLR CAMERA
100 HOURS                         21 HOURS                            15 HOURS                             8 HOURS

Power for laptops, tablets, smartphones, speakers, lights, and where ever you need it.

Specifications and Info.

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Specifications and Info.

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