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The Spark

Igniting the imagination through cooperative learning

Spark Spotlight

CNC carved battle ship style game in wood with coriander tiles

Battle Ship Board Game

Tools Used: CNC

Maker: Jaden

Cricut cut 3D paper camping scene

Cricut 3D Camping

Tools Used: Cricut

Maker: Liberty

VIrtual reality coded layout of a section of the makerspace

Unity Built VR Scene

Tools: Unity and HTC Vive

Maker: Spencer

haptic gloves made for motion response in VR game play

Haptic Response Gloves for VR

Tools: Motors, 3D printers, Solder Iron

Maker: Jerry

different projection mapping signs and effects

Projection Mapping

Tools Used: Projectors, TouchDesigner & OBS

Maker: Aiden

laser cut roses on wood and acrylic

The Spark Roses

Tools Used: Acrylic, Wood, & Lasercutter

Maker: Grant

Filament Recycler Pulltrusion PET bottles to make 3D filament

Bottle Filament Maker

Tools Used: Lasercutter, 3D Printer, Power/Hand Tools

Maker: Aiden

LOVE Lasercut Wooden Sign

Tools Used: Lasercutter & Wood

Maker: Grant

Makey Makey interactive scene with glove

Tools Used: Makey Makey, Response glove

Maker: Alicia

custome card with maroon rose pattern on top of cream cardstock

Cricut Custom Card Design

Tools Used: Cricut

Maker: Alicia

Illustrator designed card for maker

Maker Trading Card Designs

Tools: Illustrator, Drawing Tablet

Maker: Sierra

3D scan of objest that is then 3D printer

3D Scan to 3D print Replica

Tools Used: Einscan Scanner, Ender 3 3D Printer

Maker: Grant

Hand Embroidered Gnome wearing a red and white hat with a white beard standing on ice with snowflakes around on a hoop

Hand Embroidered Gnome

Tools Used: Hand Embroidery, Hoop, Cloth, Needle & Thread

Maker: Laura

Lasercut Chess board and 3D printed chess pieces

Chess Board

Tools Used: Lasercutter & 3D Printers

Chess Board designed and created by Maker Jena

Chess Pieces created by Director Judy


Tools Used: Raspberry Pi, Lasercutter, Acrylic, Controllers 

Makers: Aiden & Steven

UNT Campus Braille Map

Tools Used: 3D Printers

Maker: Jordan

Assisted by Alicia and JP

Lasercut Valentine post card

Valentine Post Card

Tools Used: Lasercutter & Wood

Maker: Jerry

Taj Mahal

Tools Used: 3D Printer

Maker: Bharath

Frisco Landing Makerspace

Laser at Frisco Landing

Frisco Landing Laser Cutter

Front Desk facing north into the makerspace

Service Desk at Frisco Landing

Back door facing south into the room

Frisco Landing Maker Desk, Tool Wall and Main Floor

Tool Wall near the Maker Desk

Tool Wall and Frisco Landing Maker Desk

Textiles Equipment

Textiles Station

Soldering station near maker desk

Soldering Station

3D Printer station near the windows

Resin 3D Printer Station

The Spark Makerspace @ Frisco


Access ♦ Resources ♦ Training


The Spark is open to all UNT community members, however the laptop and technology service desk services are restricted to active UNT students. In the Frisco location the Makerspace and the Technology Service Desk will mirror the services currently available at the Willis Library Spark location.

 The makerspace  will have a combination of circulating collection items and in space use only items. Makerspace users will be required to work within the designated makerspace areas for in space use resources. In order to use any Spark location, a patron must have a signed liability waiver on file. Circulating materials are available from the service desk and a UNT ID is required in order to check out. In space equipment requires training which can be scheduled at your convenience. 

The Hours of Operation for each Spark group is listed in the Library calendar. Please note the Makerspace has three locations, one in Willis 150 and one in Discovery Park M152, and one in Frisco Landing 150. 


Training is the foundation for use of equipment in the Makerspace. The equipment available does inherently have some risk and it is important the equipment is used properly. The primary focus of our trainings is on Makerspace guidelines, rules, regulations, safety protocols, and general overview of specific equipment or tools you wish to learn. Safety is the responsibility of the user, and the trainings are designed to insure you understand the proper use of the resource. Individuals can schedule training appointments through our online booking process outlined here or can register for a workshop here.


Our Frisco location will offer many resources to support UNT students. The collection is comprised of in space equipment, as well as kits available for check out.  The circulating materials housed in this location is a growing collection and is driven by need of students. However, all Spark circulating items can be transferred between locations for pick up as needed. 

For a total list of all resources within The Spark Collection please review pages linked in the side menu. Below is a list of the resources that are expected to have a home location is our Frisco location:





  Raspberry Pi
Textiles Sewing
  Die Cutting 


3D Printing


Hand & Electric Tools



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