Music Library: Basics for New Users: Introduction

Welcome to the guide for new users of the University of North Texas Music Library. It is intended to introduce you to the vast range of our holdings, and to acquaint you with how to access them. Our collections essentially support the curriculum of the UNT College of Music, but they may also support your personal musical interests. Many parts of our collection are shelved in public spaces in the Music Library, which occupies most of the 4th floor of the Willis Library building. However, because our space in the building is limited, there are also many parts of our collection in remote storage in other university buildings. We want everyone to be aware of the various kinds of our holdings so that they can make good use of them.

In this guide, there is basic information about call numbers. The UNT Libraries use the Library of Congress call number system to classify materials in all parts of the library. We refer to the system as alpha-numeric, since it uses both letters of the alphabet and numbers for this purpose. Classifying materials causes similar items to be near each other on the shelves. 

The call numbers for music start with M, ML, or MT. M by itself is for scores (printed music). ML, which stands for music literature, and MT, which stands for music theory or music teaching, are for books about music. (For other fields, the letters do not usually stand for the names of the subjects.) We have a call number system we created ourselves for our sound recordings. See other sections of this guide for more details.

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