Music Library: Basics for New Users: Scores--Printed Music

The UNT Music Library has well over 100,000 musical scores in our general collection, and over 100,000 more in several of our special collections.

Scores in our general collection have Library of Congress call numbers which begin with M. The numbers range from M 1 to the M 2000s. Here are a few tips to help you browse for often-requested items. M 3 is for collected works of individual classical composers. Other numbers under 200 are mainly for works for a solo instrument by itself. Numbers in the 200s are for works for two instruments, in the 300s for three, in the 400s for four, etc. M 1001 is the number for full scores of symphonies and M 1503 for piano-vocal scores of operas. Piano-vocal scores of oratorios are in the M 2003s. Many collections of popular songs have M 1630.18 call numbers. Please note that items under each call number are usually in alphabetical order by composer. 

Sometimes our patrons expect to find scores of certain genres of music, for example jazz, shelved in one place. However, this is not how our system works. Call numbers are based on performance forces rather than genres. Please use the online catalog to search for the specific works you need, whatever the genre.

We have vast special collections of vintage scores and arrangements of popular songs that once belonged to radio stations. They date from the early decades of radio, when stations regularly hired local musicians and presented live music on the air. Two stations from the Dallas/Fort Worth area donated their collections to our library after live music was discontinued. Most of the call numbers for the songs are based on the call letters of the stations, WFAA and WBAP. These call letters are still in use for TV and radio stations in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. To access scores from these collections, please ask for help at the music services desk. 

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