Music Library: Basics for New Users: Music Reference Books

Our collection includes thousands of music reference books. They are shelved separately in the front rows on the north end of the Music Library. In order to make sure that they are constantly available to all users, they are not allowed to be checked out.

They include works such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, thematic catalogs, bibliographies, and discographies. Some of them, for example the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, have electronic versions, and we subscribe to them. Most of them, however, do not, and it is extremely unlikely that very many of them will be digitized soon. Unlike in the STEM fields, for music and other fields in the arts and humanities, such print resources, some of which may be very old, remain vitally important for research. That is why our reference area is an important component in our status as a major music research library. 

Please consult the map of the 4th floor to find this area in the Music Library:

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