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Library Mentoring Program

This guide is designed to support protégés and mentors throughout their participation in UNT Libraries' mentoring program.

About the Program

The mission of the Mentoring Program is to support librarians at UNT Libraries to be successful in their careers and is managed by the UNT Libraries' Career Development Committee. The UNT Libraries' Mentoring Program consists of three activities:

  • One-on-One Mentoring Pairs
  • Professional Advancement Mentoring Group (PAM)

These activities consist of the following:

One-on-One Mentoring recruits library employees to be both protégés and mentors. Protégés are paired with a library employee of a higher rank, and these pairs are asked to meet at least once a month throughout the year to discuss topics of interest to the protégé. All members are invited to attend a Fall and Spring training event.

Professional Advancement Mentoring Group consists of members interested in professional development such as service, publication, and promotion. This group meets monthly to discuss voted on topics of specific interest to the group's participants. These meetings are facilitated by a librarian of advanced rank or experience.

To join any of these activities, please reach out to the Career Development Committee. Mentor pairings typically take place in early Fall, but can occur throughout the year.

Mentoring Program Privacy and Confidentiality Statements

Circle with green background with text Career Development Committee

The Career Development Committee is committed to maintaining the privacy of all participant information received through the management of the program. Care is taken to ensure participant data remains secure including taking steps to prevent inadvertent sharing. 

Mentoring Program Kick-Off

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