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Government Posters and Prints

View and obtain government posters and learn how to research and evaluate your posters and prints.

UNT World War Posters Collection

About the Collection

The UNT Libraries' World War Poster Collection consists of over 700 original World War I and World War II posters, about 500 of which have been digitized. 

From World War I French victory figures to grim views of the Nazi regime, these posters demonstrate the power of words and images. The collection is particularly strong in World War I French and American posters and World War II American "home front" posters. War bonds, rationing, enlistment, security, and morale are all topics treated by these artworks. The collection includes posters by such famous artists as Norman Rockwell, Theodore Geisel (better known as Dr. Seuss), and Boris Artzybasheff.

The original posters are housed in the Sycamore Library (Sycamore Library) in Sycamore Hall. If you would like to see them, come to the Sycamore Library Service Desk during regular business hours.

Related Collection

The UNT Libraries' Federal Newsmap Collection from 1943 is a related series that combined poster graphics with illustrated news bulletins aimed at reinforcing troop morale. The Newsmaps were published by the Special Service Division, Army Service Forces, War Department of the United States and were prepared and distributed by the Army Orientation Course during the World War II era. They usually feature maps displaying the theaters of conflict, and often include narrative descriptions of war-related events. Some feature photographic essays or poster-like designs on themes such as enemy insignias, demobilization, and farm loans.


Our Government Posters and Prints page provides answers to many questions you may have about collecting, buying, selling, researching, and evaluating historic posters.

You may also contact the government information reference staff directly by telephone, E-mail, snail mail, or the Government Information Online reference/chat service.

Catalog Access

Catalog records for many of the posters can also be found in the UNT Libraries' online catalog.

World War I and II Online Poster Collections


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