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Government Posters and Prints

View and obtain government posters and learn how to research and evaluate your posters and prints.

Where to Purchase Posters and Prints

The National Archives and Records Administration sells posters and facsimiles painstakingly reproduced from holdings in the National Archives.

Try searching for the title or artist in an online search engine such as Google to see if an individual has recently offered that work for sale on the Internet.

Try contacting a local poster/print shop, or a dealer in used and rare books.

Auction Houses

Many online auction sites offer historic posters and prints. Keep in mind that art objects sold at auctions are often in poorer condition or are less rare than art objects sold through museums and galleries, therefore they tend to be worth less.

Online Vendors

Several online vendors sell rare or vintage posters. You can check these sites to see if they are selling a print or poster you would like for your collection.


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