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Government Posters and Prints

View and obtain government posters and learn how to research and evaluate your posters and prints.

Researching and Evaluating Posters and Prints

There are several factors to be considered in determining the value of a print or poster. For example, the printing method used, the rarity, the physical condition of the item, and even the subject matter can all affect an item’s value.

One way to get an idea of how much something of your own is worth is by seeing how much others have paid for the same or a comparable item. See Buy a Poster for places to research how much a poster is being offered for.

The following Web sites give general tips on determining the value of a print:

Price Guides

Price guides might also be helpful in determining the value of a print. They usually indicate the prices specific works of art have sold for at an auction and can only give the vaguest hint of what your art might be worth. These guides are usually published in paper or CD-ROM format and are most likely to be available in specialized university or museum libraries. They are not usually available online, and you may have to search through several volumes before you find something useful.

Here are some price guides that might be helpful for researching posters and prints. None of these specialized price guides is currently available at the UNT Libraries. 

Professional Appraisers

The staff of the UNT Libraries are neither qualified nor permitted to provide appraisals of works of art.

You can usually find a professional appraiser in the Yellow Pages, listed under the heading "Appraisers."

Directories of Appraisers

The following Web sites also list appraisers and provide contact information.

Online Appraisers

The following Web sites offer various levels of appraisal and provide some tips on how professional appraisals are done, what kinds of appraisals are available, and how to determine whether you need one.

Free Estimates

If you do not wish to pay for a professional appraisal, and you are merely looking for a general estimate of what your item might be worth, the following agencies provide free estimates. Keep in mind that if these agencies are hoping to buy from you, their estimates may be artificially low.


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