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Political Science

This is guide is an introductory guide to Political Science research and resources..

How to Find Political Science Books

Browsing the Online Catalog

There are two recommended ways to search the UNT Library Catalog if you are browsing the collection online: keyword search or subject search.

The "Books and More" tab defaults to a keyword search by searching "all fields." A keyword search searches of all the words in an item record for matches. This kind of catalog search is broad and may provide you will items that you may not need. Your results will display the number of titles we have. If you click on the links below they will show you examples of keyword searches. 

If you want to narrow your search, try a subject search. Subject search display terms indexed in the subject field of a record and then under a series of sub-headings, which often focus on specific regions or related items. It's much specific. To perform a subject search in the UNT Library Catalog, select "subject" in the drop-down menu on the "Books and More" tab. Your results will display the number of titles we have.  Here are some examples of terms that can be used in a subject or keyword search.

Some of the books with be available online or at one of the library locations. 

When you have located the materials you are interested in, write down the call number and title and check the location of the book. Go to the library and floor of the book, in order to browse the shelves for the book. If you cannot find the book, present it to a staff person at the Service Desk for help.

Browsing the Stacks

Most of the political science materials will be located on the Mezzanine Level of Sycamore Library with the general call number range of J - JZ.  However, some interdisciplinary topics may be located in Willis and older materials may be located off campus. It is recommended that you review the location of materials in the online catalog. If there is material you want that is currently checkout or is unavailable, we can order it through Interlibrary Loan.  You may contact a librarian for assistance with locating and requesting materials. 

The Political Science books are located on the Mezzanine Level of the Sycamore Library in the J-JZ call number range.

J     General Legislative & Executive Papers

JA   Political Science (General)

JC   Political Theory

JF    Political Institutions & Public Administration

JJ   Political Institutions & Public Administration (North America)

JK   Political Institutions & Public Administration (United States)

JL   Political Institutions & Public Administration (Canada, Latin America, etc)

JN   Political Institutions & Public Administration (Europe)

JQ   Political Institutions & Public Administration (Asia, Africa, Australia, Pacific Area, etc)

JS   Local Government/ Municipal Government

JV   Colonies & Colonization/ Emigration & Immigration/ International Migration  

JZ   International Relations

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