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MGMT 3850: Foundations of Entrepreneurship

This guide covers resources to help you complete your assignments and projects for MGMT 3850.

Naming a Business

When choosing a business name it should reflect the brand and business identity. It also needs to be properly registered and protected.


Doing Business As... "DBA" & Fictitious Names

A DBA, fictitious name, trade name or assumed name is a name different from your personal name or the names of partners or the officially registered name of an LLC or corporation. 

A Sole Proprietorship and Partnerships will need to register as another name... DBA. Corporations and LLCs can register a DBA if it wants to do business under another name. 

Verifying Name Availability

Registering a Business

You may need to register your business with local, state, and federal agencies. Here are a few helpful links. Check with local municipalities outside of Denton for their filing requirement and forms.

Additional Links