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Mapping, GIS, and Remote Sensing

A guide to mapping resources, including GIS (geographic information systems), at the UNT Libraries and on the Internet. The guide also provides links to geospatial and other data that can be downloaded and mapped.

Locating Data and Datasets

There is a wealth of data for GIS applications, including GIS, social science, science, statistical, or humanities data. This guide offers only a glimpse of what's available. You will find a lot of open source data produced at various levels of government, domestic and international. Additionally, there may be data available at the discipline or topic level.

If you experience trouble locating data, don't hesitate to reach out to your Subject Librarian.
Please note: even though a lot of data exists, there is also a lot that hasn't been collected, shared broadly, or may not be available in a format you can use.  

On this tab, find open source data. Access UNT Libraries subscription information under the UNT Libraries Databases tab.

Global GIS Data

National GIS Data

State GIS Data

City, County, and Regional GIS Data

Many cities and counties in the DFW area have dedicated GIS departments. Some provide downloadable ESRI shapefiles of various city features. A search in Google for [city texas gis] or [county texas gis] will usually locate the data for you. Please note that many municipalities and jurisdictions are moving towards providing interactive maps where you can easily view desired data, but cannot always download the desired data off of the website. 

Regional consortia, such as NCTCOG, provides some datasets for the north Texas region, provided you sign up for a free account.

Major DFW Metro Cities

County / Regional Data

Humanities Datasets

Additional Links