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Mapping, GIS, and Remote Sensing

A guide to mapping resources, including GIS (geographic information systems), at the UNT Libraries and on the Internet. The guide also provides links to geospatial and other data that can be downloaded and mapped.

GIS Software

There are a number of GIS software applications available, as desktop or web-based systems. It is likely, you've heard of at least one of the top 3 GIS software applications - ArcGIS ArcGIS Pro, or QGIS.

  1. ArcGIS is ESRI's most well known suite of tools. It utilizes ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcScene, and ArcGlobe to create maps and spatially analyze data.
    ArcGIS is a proprietary software that runs on Windows operating systems. ArcGIS is available on all PCs in the UNT Libraries and Student Computer Labs. ArcGIS can also be downloaded onto UNT faculty and staff computers.
    There is a wealth of documentation and community support for using ArcGIS.
  2. QGIS is an opensource GIS software application that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. 
    QGIS is available on UNT Libraries computers. 
    There is a wealth of documentation and community support for QGIS users.
  3. ArcGIS Pro is the next generation of ArcGIS users. 
    ArcGIS Pro is not available to UNT students, faculty, or staff. 

Learn more about accessing ArcGIS on the UNT campus in other areas of this guide.

View the Free and Open Access tab for additional information about QGIS and to discover other free and open source GIS software applications. 

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