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Mapping, GIS, and Remote Sensing

A guide to mapping resources, including GIS (geographic information systems), at the UNT Libraries and on the Internet. The guide also provides links to geospatial and other data that can be downloaded and mapped.


Maps and GIS have applications in almost every field of study and industry - explore a few of the possibilities in this library guide!

This guide merely scratches the surface of mapping, GIS, and spatial analysis tools and information. Anyone interested in more in depth exploration should consider the Department of Geography & the Environment's GIS certificate programs for undergraduate and graduate students. 

In addition to what's in this guide, you can get started with self-paced, introductory lessons by clicking the map below. LinkedIn Learning also offers a number of GIS tutorials and lessons

Definitions To Get You Started

Mapping is simply showing the association between data and geographic locations on a map.

Cartography is the science and art of making maps.

GIS, or geographic information systems, is a collection of software, data, and people that supports mapping, analysis and decision making. 

Remote Sensing is the science of obtaining information about objects or areas from a distance, typically from aircraft or satellites.

Maps and GIS at the UNT Libraries

The UNT Libraries offer a wealth of map and data resources. In addition to print map collections, most of which are located at the Sycamore Library, the Government Information Connection hosts maps collections in the UNT Digital Library and the Portal to Texas History.

The primary GIS service at the UNT Libraries is to  help you find and download data for your mapping project. The UNT Libraries also offers geospatial and other relevant data resources. The UNT Libraries provides access to ArcGIS on all student access PCs (more on this under the GIS Software tab).

For more formal, in-depth training, visit the Department of Geography and the Environment, which offers undergraduate and graduate GIS courses and a GIS certificate.

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