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Citations & Style Guide

Information and resources on how to cite references correctly.

MLA Style

The MLA Handbook, created by the Modern Language Association of America, is a standard guide for high school students and undergraduate college students. MLA style is used for writing about language and literature, the arts, the humanities, and some sciences. The MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing is the official MLA guide for graduate students, scholars, and professional writers.

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Additional Resources for the MLA Handbook:

Additional Resources for the MLA Style Manual:

  • MLA Formatting and Style Guide, available online from the OWL at Purdue, provides guidelines and examples for formatting a paper and for citing sources in MLA style.
  • MLA Quick Study, prepared by Dr. Abel Scribe Ph.D., is a concise guide to the basic features and essential rules of MLA style. The guide is also available in PDF Format for easy printing [requires Adobe Reader].
  • MLA Style Lite, prepared by Russ Dewey and Dr. Abel Scribe Ph.D., provides a brief summary of rules for formatting papers and citing sources in MLA format. The guide is also available in PDF Format for easy printing [requires Adobe Reader].
  • Son of Citation Machine: MLA, created by David Warlick of The Landmark Project, automatically generates citations in MLA style based on information you enter into a template.
  • Citation Styles: MLA, available from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Center for Writing Studies, includes a summary of MLA style.
  • How to Cite US Government Documents in MLA, APA Citation Style: MLA , available from the Cornell University Library, includes sample citations in MLA format for various types of government publications.
  • MLA Documentation, available online from The Writing Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, provides examples of citations and bibliographies in MLA style.
  • Citation Guides: MLA Style , available from the Ely Library at Westfield State College, lists Web sites that provide examples of citations in MLA style.

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