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Citations & Style Guide

Information and resources on how to cite references correctly.

Citing Maps

Many style manuals provide guidance on formatting maps that are used as illustrations in a paper or publication, but they may not be clear about the specifics of citing maps that are used as sources.

Cartographic Citations: A Style Guide

Assistance in citing cartographic materials of all formats. Provides general instructions and examples in Chicago style. The most thorough citation guide to the spectrum of cartographic works available. Items covered include not just standalone print maps, but maps printed in periodicals and books, cross sections, facsimiles, relief models, globes, and aerial photographs. Section on electronic spatial data includes entries for GIS data, real-time online maps, and interactive online maps.

Citing Maps

Rules of thumb for citing paper and electronic maps in Chicago/Turabian style. Sample citations for many types of maps, and diagrams labelling the elements in each sample citation. Mainly adapted from Cartographic Citations: A Style Guide.

Maps and Atlases: Citing Maps

Format and sample citation for various types of maps. Format is adapted from Cartographic Citations: A Style Guide, which follows Chicago style.

Citing Geospatial Data Resources

Examples of how to cite digital geographic data used in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), image processing systems, and other modelling software.The style being followed is not indicated.

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