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MGMT 3850: Foundations of Entrepreneurship

This guide covers resources to help students complete their assignments and projects for MGMT 3850.

Consumer Behavior & Public Opinion

Resources on the Web and tips for building a better Google search query

Combine the industry, company, or NAICS with keyword terms like "consumer behavior" "purchase decision" "product choice" via Google to search for relevant materials.

When searching via Google combine limiters with keyword to return specific results. Below are a few examples:

  • Site:.pdf will limit to PDF
  • limits to organizational site
  • limits to a government website

Demographics & Target Markets

Spatial & Physical Market Information

Product & Service Market Information

Resources on the Web

  • America's Best Brands -- provides profiles of major product brands
  • American Customer Satisfaction Index -- Univ. of Michigan's Ross School of Business produced index measuring the satisfaction of U.S. household consumers with the quality of products and services offered by both foreign and domestic firms with significant share in U.S. markets

Additional Links