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Resources for authors and editors of works of scholarship

Improving your writing

  • The UNT Writing Center offers writing help to members of the UNT community, and Research and Innovation offers an editing service for those preparing grant applications.
  • The UNT Libraries' Scholarly Writing Guide includes a number of resources for improving your scholarly writing.
  • The Text and Academic Authors Association "provides professional development resources, industry news, and networking opportunities for textbook authors and authors of scholarly journal articles and books."
  • The following are online resources which allow you to save a snapshot of a web resource you want to cite:
    • allows an author or editor to take a snapshot of a Web resource and cite that snapshot instead of its original URL.
    • You can have the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine take a snapshot on demand through Save Page Now.
  • Crossref Metadata Search or free DOI lookup: Crossref, which handles DOIs for most scholarly publishers, provides a service which lets you check whether a DOI exists for a given article, book, etc. These are helpful if you want to insert DOIs into citations that are missing them.

Finding editors, indexers, and designers

Sharing your work

You may already know journals and publishers that peers in your field use to share their work. However, many conventional publishers require that you sign an author agreement in which you either transfer your copyright to the publisher or grant an exclusive license of your work. In either case, you may end up being unable to legally share your work with your students and colleagues, republish it in an edited collection, or revise it for a later publication. For more information, see the author's rights section of the UNT Libraries' Copyright Quick Reference Guide.

The UNT Libraries' Copyright Advisory Services can review a publisher's agreement with you and explain how to use the SPARC Addendum to  secure rights not included in a publishing agreement .

Here are some other resources on authors' rights from the Authors Alliance.

Are you considering a journal or publisher, but are unsure about it? Think. Check. Submit.

The Libraries also provides the following services for making your work available online:

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