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Resources for authors and editors of works of scholarship

General resources for editors of journals and book series

Publication ethics

Navigating the usage of other publication contributions

  • Requesting permission: What you need to know to request permission to include a work within another work (for example, include an image as a figure or include previously published article as a chapter in your book). For more advice on matters related to copyright, contact UNT Libraries Copyright Advisory Services.
  • WebCite is a membership-supported organization that allows an author or editor to take a snapshot of a Web resource cited within an article and cite that snapshot. There's also a similar resource,, dedicated just to legal literature.
  • Open Access Glossary: These are terms that authors might use when corresponding with an editor about their right to reuse their contribution elsewhere.
  • Michigan Publishing provides an Overview of Journal Indexes and Aggregators that an editor might seek to have a journal included in.

Peer review resources

Additional Links