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Open Access

Open Access is an international movement to support unrestricted online access to peer-reviewed scholarly research. This guide provides resources and information for the UNT community about this emerging trend.

About Open Access

Open Access information is digital information that is online, free of charge, and free, in varying degrees, of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Open Access resources typically permit users to download, copy, print, display, distribute, search, index, and link to the information.

Open Access resources remain the intellectual property of their creators, who have attribution rights as well as control over the integrity of their work, often through the use of Creative Commons licenses.

Publishing scholarly work in Open Access journals or depositing it in OA repositories can:

  • Increase the visibility and impact of research by making it discoverable online

  • Allow reuse of research and research data to prevent duplication of effort 

  • Manage and document scholarly work to maintain integrity and save resources in the long term

  • Allow students, other researchers, and the general public to access scholarship without expensive restrictions

  • Allow libraries to acquire scholarly work without paying exorbitant subscription fees

  • Help meet funding agency requirements (especially for federally-funded research)

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