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Scholarly Writing Guide: Overview

This guide contains resources and information for faculty and students engaged in scholarly writing.

The Life Cycle of a Book

Scholarly Communication Librarian

Scholarly Writing Resources

This guide provides resources for faculty or students looking for help with scholarly writing or scholarly publishing projects. 

This guide includes information on:

  • Overviews of the research & writing process
  • Resources on the theory & practice of scholarly writing
  • Scholarly writing style & advice
  • Resources for scholarly publishing
  • Online communities and events 
  • UNT resources for scholarly writers & researchers

Scholarly writing projects may include:

  • Academic journal articles or essays
  • Scholarly monographs or book chapters
  • Scholarly critical editions, textbooks, or anthologies
  • Conference papers, lectures, or presentations
  • Scholarly blogs or websites
  • Digital scholarship/Digital Humanities projects

Writing Thoughts

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Online Guides for Scholarly Writers

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