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Research Methods for Social Sciences

An introduction to research design, methodology and library resources.


In your studies, you may have taken classes that focus on a particular aspect of a research process. This guide is designed to share resources available at the UNT Libraries to support your exploration and learning of all aspects of research methods and design, with a focus on the social sciences.


Visit the menu on the left for more information. The three main research methods—quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods—are discussed on the Data Collection and Data Analysis and Reporting pages.


Sage Research Methods

The SAGE Research Methods is a collection of instructional videos, case studies, and teaching datasets that guide users through the research process. This collection also provide electronic access to handbooks used frequently for the social sciences: the Little Green Books for quantitative methods and the Little Blue Books for qualitative methods.

Research Process

Your research formulation and implementation may be determined by a framework specific to your discipline. The UNT Libraries provides access to learning resources and planning tools to help:

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