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Research Methods for Social Sciences

An introduction to research design, methodology and library resources.

Beyond the Classics

With the advancement of web technology and computational power, many quantitative and qualitative research are now implemented online or using advanced software. The traditional research and analysis techniques are now extended to treat digital data at large scale that can be harvested from the web or other technologies. Depending on your discipline, there are different terms for these newer methods: for example, computational social science, digital humanities, digital storytelling are terms that represent this new era of research methodology. Below are some books from the UNT Libraries on these topics.

Through Summer 2022, the UNT Libraries offers hands-on workshops for programming skills and data tools following the Software Carpentry curriculum. There are also discipline-specific Data Carpentry lessons for R, Python, and SQL.

The Summer Institutes in Computational Social Science also offer a free online curriculum including video lectures.

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