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Facsimiles: Introduction

Facsimiles at the UNT Libraries.

About this Guide

 Dr. Karlyn Griffith

This guide serves as a finding tool for facsimiles owned by the UNT Libraries.
Art History Professor and Facsimile Specialist Dr. Karlyn Griffith gives the following definitions of facsimile and facsimile types.

Facsimile: A complete replication of all text, images, and decoration on each folio of a single codex, manuscript, or book.

Full: A basic facsimile that replicates all the folios of a single manuscript which might be reduced in size or color replication, e.g. black and white, and may be bound in a modern binding, which may include a commentary.

True: A facsimile that is Individually bound to replicate accurately current binding, including exterior furniture and other embellishment, folio size, imagery color, script, internal materials in addition to the primary text, including flyaways and pastedowns, and may replicate imperfections, such as worm holes and different sized folios.

Deluxe: A facsimile that is Individually bound and may not accurately replicate size or current binding, but will be bound in high-quality materials, such as leather or velvet, and may use luxury modern binding and may offer a ribbon page-marker. These are usually part of limited edition series. May exclude preliminary flyleaves.

Partial: A book that that replicates a significant amount of full folios from a manuscript, but does not provide a complete reproduction of every folio or both sides of every folio. Folios may be reduced in size or color.

*Facsimile list and descriptions provided by Dr. Karlyn Griffith and Tania Kolarik.
*Facsimiles were added to this guide by Laura Schadt.

Illuminations Treasures of the Middle Ages BBC. A video that answers the question, "What is an illuminated manuscript?"

How to Find More Facsimiles in the UNT Libraries

The UNT Libraries have many more facsimiles than could be listed in this subject guide. To find more facsimiles, perform a SUBJECT search in the UNT Libraries catalog for either Facsimile or Illumination of Books and Manuscripts

To do this, click on the links above, or go to the UNT Libraries home page and choose the tab Cataloged Books & More and change the search field from Keyword to SUBJECT, and then type Facsimile. 

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