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English Course Guide

English Course Guide

Book Information

Literary Research and Postcolonial Literatures in English by H. Faye Christenberry; Angela Courtney; Liorah Golomb and Melissa S. Van Vuuren

Volume Description, Reviews, and About the Authors

Literary Reviews

Finding Reviews:

Author-Specific Reviews:

General Literary Reference Sources

Research Guides:

General Postcolonial Literatures in English: Encyclopedias and Guides:

Literary Histories:

African Literatures in English: Encyclopedias and Companions:

Caribbean Literatures in English: Encyclopedias and Companions:

South Asian Literatures in English: Encyclopedias and Companions:

Biographical Sources:


Genre-Specific Sources:

Author-Specific Sources:

Magazines and Newspapers

Identifying Newspapers and Magazines:



South Asia


Indexes to Periodical Content

  • Carindex: Social Sciences and Humanities
  • West Indian Social Sciences Index
  • Guide to Indian Periodical Literature: Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Index India
  • Index to Commonwealth Little Magazines
  • Index to South African Periodicals
  • A Bibliography of Literary Contributions to Nigerian Periodicals 1946-1972
  • Comprehensive Index to English-Language Little Magazines 1890-1970

Digital Archives of African, Caribbean, and South Asian Periodicals in English

Print and Electronic Bibliographies, Indexes, and Annual Reviews

General Literary Bibliographies, Indexes, and Annual Reviews:

Postcolonial Literature, Multiple Areas:

Postcolonial Literature, Area-Specific:


  • World Bibliographical Series


The Caribbean

South Asia

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