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Digital Scholarship/Digital Humanities

This guide includes information & resources for digital scholarship and digital humanities projects at UNT and beyond.

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Digital Pedagogy

What is "digital pedagogy"?

"The term digital pedagogy has been increasingly used to describe a rich area of pedagogical practice that makes use of digital tools, platforms, and methods and that both shapes and is shaped by emerging digital ecosystems."--Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities, 2020

"Digital Pedagogy is precisely not about using digital technologies for teaching and, rather, about approaching those tools from a critical pedagogical perspective. So, it is as much about using digital tools thoughtfully as it is about deciding when not to use digital tools, and about paying attention to the impact of digital tools on learning."--"What is digital pedagogy?", Hybrid Pedagogy, 2011

"Critical Digital Pedagogy must also be a method of resistance and humanization. It is not simply work done in the mind, on paper, or on screen. It is work that must be done on the ground."--Sean Michael Morris & Jesse Stommel, "Critical Digital Pedagogy: a definition", An Urgency of Teachers, 2018.

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