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Criminal Justice: Introduction

This guide is an introduction into Criminal Justice research and resources.


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Welcome to the research guide for Criminal Justice.

Putting It All Together

These subject guides can help you organize your research, prepare a literature review and use RefWorks to store article and book citations and prepare your bibliography:

Overview of the Criminal Justice Research Guide

This subject guide provides information on Criminal Justice resources available from UNT Libraries.

  • Reference sources, such as encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries, are a good place to start your research because they provide:
    • background on a topic
    • historical research
    • potential keywords for your catalog and database searches
  • Books in both print and electronic format provide:
    • in-depth coverage of a topic, broad in scope and usually historical
    • information that is two to three years old by the publication date
    • indexes where you can check if the book contains your topic
  • Articles provide:
    • the most current source of peer-reviewed information
    • focused research, narrow in scope
    • literature reviews
  • Government documents, such as congressional hearings, laws, and agency reports in both print and electronic format, provide:
    • information on legislative or regulatory aspects of a topic
    • detailed studies of criminal justice issues with national impact
  • Statistics, most of which are collected by government agencies, primarily in the Department of Justice, provide
    • statistical sources from the national to the local level
    • data on specific crimes, offenders, victims, and the operations of justice systems at all levels of government
  • Videos, in both DVD and online/streaming formats
    • in-depth coverage of a topic
    • information presented in a way that makes it up close and personal
  • Websites must be evaluated for credibility, authority and accuracy before using and provide:
    • the most current information on a topic (but not necessarily peer-reviewed)
    • obscure, hard-to-find information

If you need additional help, please drop by one of the library services desks, in Willis or Sycamore Library, or contact the Criminal Justice librarian.

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