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Descriptions of major items in the UNT Libraries Government Documents Map Collection; links to selected map collections on the Internet.

About Thematic and Historical Maps

Thematic maps show information about specific topics such as geology, economy, or land-use or features such as soil-types or forests. The information is usually superimposed over a base map.

Historical maps may show places as they existed in the past, or may show locations where major events occurred. Many older maps that showed contemporary information at the time they were made are now useful for historical purposes.

Thematic and Historical Maps at the UNT Libraries

To identify thematic and historical maps and atlases in the general collection, search the UNT Library Catalog by subject or keyword.

The UNT Libraries Government Documents Department has many thematic and historical maps, several of which are suitable for photocopying. Most of our thematic and historical maps are not indexed in the Library Catalog. Please ask at the Government Documents Service Desk for assistance.

Other thematic and historical maps are available in the Rare Book and Texana Collections and in the UNT Archives.

Thematic and Historical Maps Available Online

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