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Descriptions of major items in the UNT Libraries Government Documents Map Collection; links to selected map collections on the Internet.


This page describes selected reference tools in the UNT Libraries Government Documents Department and on the Internet useful for mapping, map use, and navigation. For more resources, see also the U.S. Naval Observatory’s Astronomical Information Center.

Almanacs and Ephemerides

These works predict the times and locations of various astronomical and atmospheric phenomena.


These works identify the precise locations of physical and cultural features such as landforms, bodies of water, cities and towns, and buildings. They sometimes provide other descriptive information in addition to location.

Distance and Time Calculators

These works calculate distances and time differences between places.

Distance Calculators

Time Caluclators


These works define geographical and cartographic terms.

Handbooks, Manuals, and Guides

These works explain how to read and interpret maps and perform other map-related activities.

Teaching Packets

These works from the U.S. Geographical Survey can be used by teachers presenting map-related lessons in grades K–12.

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